24 Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster Struck

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It’s pretty amazing that we can capture all kinds of moments with just a click of a camera. However, usually photos are too “staged” and “perfect” for my liking. Often photos are taken over and over so that eventually there are no flaws in them whatsoever. In my opinion, this makes the photos less special.

The best photos are those where the photographer has unintentionally captured something that was never supposed to be in the photo in the first place. Something that “ruins” what was supposed to be a flawless photograph.

1. This Frisbee was thrown with such force that she can still only breathe out of one nostril

It might not be the ideal thing to happen when taking a picture with friends, but at least they got a great photo out of it!

2. The guy in the photo was unaware that this was going on behind him

It was only when he uploaded the photos to his Facebook album that he realized a random woman in the background had stolen his thunder.

3. Normally dogs wake their owners up with their barking, this dog does it with his urine

It may be an unconventional kind of wake up call, but when you have to go, you have to go!

4. The best thing about this photo is that she’s totally unfazed by that tremendous whack

Either that or the photo was taken so quickly that she didn’t even have time to react.

5. How she managed to survive that fall, I have no idea…

All I know is that that must have hurt immensely, even if she managed to land on the grass. When you’re the butt of a joke, you may be a little sour at first, but then again, if it leaves with a photo as hilarious as this, you’ll find a way to laugh at your humiliation. Perfectly timed photos are awesome because they are normally captured entirely by chance. Imagine taking a photo that you initially believe will look like any old mundane photo full of fake smiles, and then being left with a photo in which something unexpectedly hilarious happens.

6. He was in hot water after pulling that stunt

He thought she’d see it as a harmless prank, well he thought wrong…

7. Their faces were more interesting than the game

That is going to hurt in the morning!

8. Laugh all you want, but this kid now has a very serious phobia of dogs

And the dog wasn’t just any dog, it was the family dog. He had to live in fear of it for years…

9. This photo was a mess for a number of reasons

And it fell entirely on one person’s head. Can you guess whose?

10. It’s hard having friends who insist on stealing your thunder

Then again, what they saw must have really freaked them out. No one can say for sure what it was… The weather can affect photos in a number of different ways. Well, in this next photo the weather ruined these girls’ trip to the beach in the most spectacular fashion.

11. When they said they wanted to catch some waves, they weren’t expecting…

Imagine being beach body ready and then turning up with an impromptu mud pack.

12. This baseball bat single-handedly knocked out eight of his teeth

I mean, some people go to a baseball game and get balls thrown in their face. This guy wasn’t so lucky…

13. It’s pretty unconventional to throw coffee at the bride during the wedding, but then to each their own

Also, it’s pretty unconventional for the groom to look like he’s just rolled in from his bachelor party on the actual day of the wedding.

14. Now that’s the smile of a man who has taught a kid a lesson in sharing

Although I secretly hope the kid got his own back. Accident or not.

15. Fun fact about goats: they have the best poses

They are also way scarier than you might think.

Often perfectly timed photos center around the people in the photo being subjected to a great deal of physical pain like the guy in this photo.

16. His own girlfriend couldn’t hide her delight when this guy had a baseball smashed into his eye

Silver lining: at least he didn’t have a baseball bat thrown in his face.

17. This man impressively survived a leopard attack and nobody can tell him he made it up

At least, I’m hoping he survived the leopard attack…

18. His face was way too frozen to react to the pain

But after the photo was taken, he screamed like he’d never screamed before.

19. It can’t be pleasant almost being crushed by a motorbike

But I bet it’s even worse having having a photo of him in those pants…

20. At least the guy with the baseball cap had his girlfriend to cushion the fall

But luckily she survived the fall and has one hell of a photo

The best kinds of perfectly timed photos are those where the people in the photograph are subjected to grave danger, but manage to survive whatever ordeal is thrown their way before the snap is taken.

21. Both he and the bike are perfectly intact

Well, almost – the guy did suffer a few broken bones, but the bike was fine and dandy.

22. Birthday cakes will come and go, but perfectly timed photos last forever

I kind of wished this happened during my Sweet Sixteen…

23. She was actually grateful that the photo was taken pre-drenching

But after the photo was taken, she was so mad she could have punched someone.

24. As if the photo wasn’t weird enough…

I wish I could tell you that it was drinking water…

All these hilarious photos put every filter-indulging, narcissistic Instragram user to shame. They prove that photos don’t have to be flawless for them to be terrific pictures. I don’t know about you but I hope that the next time I take a photo, I’m almost eaten by a wild animal or that I nearly slip off a cliff.

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