Catalan referendum: preliminary results show 90% in favour of independence

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Spanish prime minister safeguards violent reaction to survey, as raids on tally stations by riot cops leave numerous Catalans hurt

Catalan authorities have actually declared that initial outcomes of its referendum have actually revealed 90% in favour of self-reliance in the vote emphatically opposed by Spain .

Jordi Turull, the Catalan local federal government representative, informed press reporters early on Monday early morning that 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted Sunday picked yes. He stated almost 8% of citizens declined self-reliance and the rest of the tallies were blank or space. He stated 15,000 votes were still being counted.The area has actually 5.3 million signed up citizens.

Turull stated the variety of tallies did not consist of those taken by Spanish authorities throughout violent raids which led to numerous individuals being hurt. A minimum of 844 individuals and 33 cops were reported to have actually been injured, consisting of a minimum of 2 individuals who were believed to have actually been seriously hurt.

Catalonia’s local leader, Carles Puigdemont, spoke up versus the violence with a pointed address: “On this day of hope and suffering, Catalonia’s people have actually made the right to have an independent state through a republic.

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Catalan referendum: hundreds hurt as cops attack protesters– video

“My federal government, in the next couple of days, will send out the outcomes of [the] vote to the Catalan parliament, where the sovereignty of our individuals lies, so that it can act in accordance with the law of the referendum.”

Puigdemont had actually pushed ahead with the referendum in spite of opposition from the Spanish state, which stated the survey to be unlawful, and the area’s own high court. He informed crowds previously in the day that the”cops cruelty will embarassment the Spanish state for ever”. When riot cops stormed ballot stations in a last-minute effort to stop the vote on Sunday, #peeee

The Spanish federal government protected its reaction after hundreds of individuals were harmed.

Although lots of Catalans handled to cast their tallies, others were by force stopped from voting as schools real estate tally boxes were robbed by cops acting upon the orders of the Catalan high court.

The big Ramon Llull school in main Barcelona was the scene of a continual operation, with witnesses explaining authorities utilizing axes to smash the doors, charging the crowds and shooting rubber bullets.

Barcelona referendum map

Spain’s interior ministry stated 12 law enforcement officers had actually been harmed and 3 individuals apprehended for disobedience and assaulting officers.

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The Department of Health notifies that 844 individuals needed medical support today on #CatalanReferendum

October 1, 2017

The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, speaking on Sunday night, stated the federal government had actually done exactly what it had actually needed to do and thanked the authorities for showing “firmness and calmness “.

“Today there has actually not been a self-determination referendum in Catalonia . The guideline of law stays in force with all its strength. We are the federal government of Spain and I am the head of the federal government of Spain and I accepted my duty.

“We have actually done exactly what was needed people. We have actually acted, as I have actually stated from the start, inning accordance with the law and just inning accordance with the law. And we have actually revealed that our democratic state has the resources to safeguard itself from an attack as major as the one that was committed with this unlawful referendum. Today, democracy has actually dominated since we have actually complied with the constitution.”

Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, required an end to the cops actions and required the Rajoy’s resignation.

Artur Mas, the previous Catalan president whose federal government staged a symbolic self-reliance referendum 3 years ago , required the “authoritarian” Rajoy to stand down, including that Catalonia might not stay together with “a state that utilizes authorities and batons cruelty”.

Enric Millo, the most senior Spanish federal government authorities in the area, stated the authorities had actually acted “expertly” in performing a judge’s orders.

Soraya Senz de Santamara, the Spanish deputy prime minister, echoed that position, stating the cops had actually revealed firmness, professionalism and proportionality in the face of the “outright irresponsibility” of the Catalan federal government.

She got in touch with Puigdemont to drop the “farce” of the self-reliance project, stating Spain had actually long because emerged from the authoritarian shadow of the Franco dictatorship.

“I have no idea exactly what world Puigdemont lives in, however Spanish democracy does not work like this,” stated Senz de Santamara. “We have actually been devoid of a dictatorship for a very long time and of a guy who informed us his word in the law.”

The Catalan federal government’s representative Jordi Turull stated 319 of the 2,315 ballot stations established for the referendum were nearby cops.

Jess Lpez Rodrguez, a 51-year-old administrator, had actually taken his household to vote at the Ramon Llull school in the early morning. Like countless Catalans, they started queuing from 5am. 3 and a half hours later on, nationwide law enforcement officer showed up in riot equipment.

“They informed us that the Catalan high court had actually purchased them to take the tally boxes which we had to distribute,” he informed the Guardian. “We shouted, ‘No! No! No!’, then about 20 policemans charged us. It was brief– just about 2 minutes– however we remained together.”

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Riot authorities attack protesters in Girona– video

After about 15 minutes, 8 or 9 more paddy wagon appeared and officers started cordoning off the surrounding streets and jailing individuals, Lpez Rodrgue stated.

“They dragged them out strongly. We stood our ground however they kept dragging individuals away, kicking them and tossing them to the ground.”

More authorities leapt and showed up over the school fence to go into the structure to search for tally boxes. After utilizing axes to break down the doors of the school, they emerged with packages.

Lpez Rodrguez stated that at about 10.25 am, cops started shooting rubber bullets– “a minimum of 30 or 40”.

He ran away the shots with his better half and kids, going back to their flat opposite the school. “I feel actually upset about it,” he stated, “however I likewise hope individuals in Europe and worldwide will see exactly what’s occurring in Catalonia.”

Similar scenes were reported in other places. Riot cops smashed the glass doors of the sports centre near Girona where Puigdemont had actually been because of vote. Regardless of requiring their method, they cannot stop the Catalan president ballot. Photos revealed him casting his tally in neighboring Cornella del Terri.

The day began in harmony and ideally in ballot stations throughout the area. Numerous individuals began queuing outside the Cervantes main school in main Barcelona from well prior to dawn.

“I’m here to combat for our rights and our language and for our right to live much better and to have a future,” stated Mireia Estape, who lives near to the school. One guy in the line, who did not want to be called, stated he had actually come since “Catalans have to vote; they’re robbing us in Spain”.

Another potential citizen stated merely: “I do not wish to reside in a fascist nation.”

Many Catalans saw their desires satisfied in ballot stations as officers from the local force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, hung back.

Joaqun Pons, 89, was happy to have actually cast his tally, as he had actually performed in the symbolic referendum 3 years back.

“Last time it was cardboard tally boxes,” he stated. “This time they were genuine. It was extremely psychological.” Pons stated he felt Catalans had actually had little option however to continue unilaterally.

“It would have been good if we might all have actually remained together in Spain however the Madrid federal government has actually made it difficult. It’s unfortunate however that’s the method it is.”

News and pictures of the cops operation took a trip rapidly through the crowds in Barcelona and somewhere else, contributing to the anxious environment that has actually heightened considering that cops apprehended 14 Catalan authorities and took countless tally documents recently.

On Sunday afternoon, FC Barcelona revealed that its Spanish league video game versus Las Palmas would be played without fans at the city’s Nou Camp arena. In a declaration, the club condemned the efforts to avoid Catalans “exercising their democratic rights to complimentary expression” and stated the expert football league had actually chosen not to hold off the video game.

Sunday’s violence came less than 24 Hr after the Spanish federal government had actually appeared positive that enough had actually been done to prevent the vote.

On Saturday, Millo stated cops had actually sealed 1,300 of the area’s 2,315 ballot stations, while Guardia Civil officers acting upon a judge’s orders had actually browsed the head office of the Catalan innovation and interactions centre, disabling the software application linking ballot stations and closing down online ballot applications.

“These last-minute operations have actually permitted us to extremely definitively separate any possibility of the Catalan federal government providing exactly what it assured: a binding, reliable referendum with legal warranties,” he stated.

Additional reporting by Patrick Greenfield

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