17 True Scary Stories That Will Ruin Your Night

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Favi Santos

“I’m not your father

“A woman I utilized to understand informed me a story that her ex partner utilized to wake

up in the middle of the night since somebody was tickling his feet. She informed him her father utilized to tickle her and her siblings feet to wake them up for school in the early morning. When strange things began taking place around the home they would simply state”knock it off papa “and it would stop. Well one day something occurred in the cooking area(I do not remember exactly what )and she stated” knock it off daddy “and as she was going out the door something grumbled in her ear “I’m not your father”. They left a couple of weeks later on.”

The guy with the mustache

“When my kid had to do with 3 he had a camping tent canopy connected to his bed frame. It covered about 3/4 of the length of his bed. He would constantly run to the head of the bed and firmly insisted covering visit toe with his blanket, no matter how warm it was. I could not switch off the lights up until he was completed. I figured it was regular kid things. One night, simply out of interest, I asked why he concealed so completely. His reaction, “Because the guy with the mustache will not stop touching me. He’s constantly attempting to tickle me. If I’m covered and method up here, he cannot reach me “. Nobody else had access to our home so needless to state, that terrified the crap out of me. Till this day he still covers with his blanket, no matter how warm it is, although not as completely as he utilized to. He does not keep in mind the male however still will not go to sleep exposed. He’s a teenager now.”

Imaginary buddy

” Ex-girlfriend moved into a home throughout the street from me, and informed me her little bro had a brand-new”fictional good friend”called Alex. Well I had actually been residing in that area for about 5 years and 3 years prior to her moving in my next-door neighbor Alex hung himself because home.”

This is all extremely nope

“When I was a teen in Colorado Springs all of us utilized to crawl though this little tunnel that was straight under the interstate to obtain back and fourth from our community to the shitty trailer park with out undoubtedly needing to run and leap fences throughout the highway.

One drunken night alone I was on my method house about 2-3 am I came out of the tunnel just to discover myself deal with to face with this substantial rottweiler looking at me. I remained in shock for a 2nd, my stomach dropped. Naturally I began chewing out the damn pet to go house. He simply stood there glaring at me and every action I gradually took attempting to escape he would bark and roar revealing his teeth. I began stomping to him in a dominant method shouting at him to go on.

He turned and took actions back however still continued in abusing me grumbling and barking. I stupidity drunkenly begun to power leave. I then heard his feet running to me as I had my back turned away from him. I reversed around just to see him lunging at me. I fell, when I looked and turned up the damn pet dog was entirely out of sight as if I pictured the whole thing. If the pet dog was someone’s animal or exactly what, to this day I do not understand. I didn’t hear him escaping after I fell so I’ll never ever understand I think. Perhaps he was a dark spirit.”

The thing

” When I had to do with 8 years of ages I was up in Maine at my uncle ’ s home with my cousin and little bro, all in the exact same age variety. The part of Maine, Stratton, is quite remote about 30 minutes from Canada.

We were sleeping on sleeping bags in his living space, well all the abrupt through the window of my uncle ’ s door, most likely about 9 feet high, however had human like anatomy, this thing was standing stooped over checking out your house.

We all shrieked and it did a non-human maneuver with it ’ s neck and ran behind your house. The steps of this thing almost shook your house. My mother and uncle come encountering the living-room. It ’ s been almost 20 years and all of us still discuss it like it was the other day.”


“My pals dad was a missionary in Africa. He was 16 and finding out ways to shave his face. 3 weeks passed and he got up one early morning with his throat very inflamed. Flew him to the nearby health center where the injury cosmetic surgeon took a scalpel nicked my good friends throat and out gushed 100’s of small spiders . “

This is why I do not work the late shift

” Was working midnights at a filling station. A couple was available in aiming to support the register. They went outdoors and left. I entered the restroom and called the cops. Who came as they were returning in. They had bags, knives, a weapon, rope, and numerous other weapons in the trunk. I do not believe they intended on me living. I was concealing in the restroom when they were aiming to return in.”

Killer doll

” My pappy(grandpa)discovered a life size doll hanging by a rope around its neck, in a tree/wooded location en route house one day. He stated it appeared like someone hung it up there and was utilizing it for shooting practice or something.

My mama was still a kid so the jokester he is, brought it house for her and my Aunt. Well they really liked the important things and cleaned it up and had fun with it. My grandma states till this day the scariest things began to occur around their home.

ONE example: It was nighttime and her and my pappy remained in bed sleeping. Well she stated she awakened to the blanket making her feel strangled. And it was nearly like somebody crawled into their bed and laid in between them. She sat up, shocked and that ’ s when their bed began to shake and cabinets shaking. Absolutely nothing on the cabinets fell or moved. It specified she was so gone crazy and fed up with all the scary things going on in their home, she made my pappy eliminate it.

So he readied buddies with the owner of a bar who was more than delighted to take it off his hands. As he believed it would be an excellent conversational piece. Precisely one week later on the male who the doll was offered to passed away. Mind you he had best health.”

Final desires

“On and episode of Beyond Belief like 7 years back, I saw a real story about an action child who died She disliked her action mom. And in death, they were both put in the very same mausoleum. Every early morning, the stone carcophagus’were broken and there was composing on the walls in blood pleading for her to be far from the action mom despite the fact that the mausoleum was sealed every night Still provides me chills to think of it. “

Dream kid

“This occurred to me I saw the ghost of a little kid run in front of my automobile and I nearly crashed. That’s not the frightening part tho. When I informed my mama about it and where it occurred, she informed me of a dream she had when she was pregnant with me where she struck a little kid with her cars and truck on the very same roadway at the exact same area when she went out to examine the kid, she stated it was me.”

No drapes

“My hubby and I had actually simply moved into a brand-new home in a brand-new state with our then 3 years of age. Naturally I had to go food looking for practically whatever. It was dark by the time I got back and I might see, upstairs, in exactly what is now our bed room, (no curtains/blinds yet ), exactly what I made sure was my partner standing in the window. The light was on so it was quite simple to see that he was standing there. I plainly required aid dumping so I went directly within and upstairs just to discover nobody was up there. Returned down to discover him on the other side of your home totally immersed in a computer game, plainly had actually existed the entire time however I asked anyways and yup, hasn’t been upstairs considering that I left. Provided me the chills at the time, however more so after fulfilling our brand-new next-door neighbor who notified us the previous owner devoted suicide inside our home. It was her(our next-door neighbor’s)own late spouse that found the body. Lots more stories, safe however scary, we still reside in your home and have actually discovered how to exist side-by-side. “

Facebooking from beyond

” My pal’s buddy passed away and a couple of days later on the deceased was talking about individuals’s fb post. Individuals were startled, upset, and puzzled. Exactly what it boiled down to was that it may have been something with his phone. He may have commented, loss service, died, phone was transferred to a place with service, and after that it published. Still stunning.”


“One night I hear my 6 year old child speaking to somebody in her space. She was by herself. I asked her who she was talking with and she stated”grandmother ermmie”. When she was 1, Grandma Erma( just 2 individuals called her ermmie)passed away. She never ever satisfied her personally.”


“One Christmas, me and my child were at my moms and dads home commemorating. It was getting late, i informed my kid, who had to do with 5 at the time, let’s get house and get you to bed prior to Santa goes to our home and needs to leave due to the fact that you’re not asleep. We get home, I’m getting our bags from the automobile and my boy states, mom !! Shhhh Santa remains in our home! My blood froze, our front drapes were open to flaunt our tree, so i asked exactly what did you see? He stated, Santa glancing at us in the window. I’m crapping my trousers, i took him to my next-door neighbors, and informed them to call the police officers if I’m not back in 5 minutes. The windows and doors were all locked and no indication of any person in your house. I was frightened all night.”

The dream

” One night I had a dream/nightmare? I remained in a war. I walked around the corner cause I was ranging from something. Happen the corner to see a weapon pointedat my chest. It shot. With my left hand (this is essential )I touched the injury and pulled my fingers away. There was blood on my 3 middle fingers to about the very first knuckle line. I got up in a dead sweat, soothed myself down it was just a dream , and returned to sleep. When I woke up. I saw there was something on my hand. My left hand. There was dried blood on my 3 middle fingers just down to the very first knuckle. Obviously I went crazy and instantly went to the complete body mirror in your home. There wasn’t other location that had actually dried blood.”


” When I remained at my grandparents home I was laying in bed and something came diminishing the hall. Everybody was sleeping and the pets remained in the garage however whatever it was gotten on my bed, and considering that I had my head covered I never ever saw it, however it caught me under my covers and I wept and yelled till I went to sleep.

I still have headaches about it which was close to 10+ years earlier. “

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