Watch Sarah Paulson Scream & Swear Her Way Through Universal’s American Horror Story Maze!

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There are some individuals you wish to have when taking a trip through a haunted home. Sarah Paulson and Andy Lassner are not those individuals.

Ellen DeGeneres has actually been making her quickly scared manufacturer walk through haunted labyrinths every year given that 2013 however this year, Andy was lastly paired with an even larger scaredy-cat !

As the 2 made their method through Universal Studio ‘s American Horror Story labyrinth, it was clear Paulson was the weak spot. In spite of starring in all 7 seasons of the hit anthology program, the starlet blurt a blood coagulation yell whenever a bloody character from Roanoke turned up to frighten them!

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Sure, Andy wasn’t precisely a hero (he directly escaped at one point), however Ryan Murphy ‘s muse was so scared, we were really worried she would not make it out alive! Now that’s great acting home entertainment!

Watch the funny clip (listed below) to see the duo yell their brains out.

[Image by means of EllenTube ]

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