This Is How You Are Propagating Rape Culture (And How You Can End It)

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It has actually been a triggering week. Thirty females and counting have actually stepped forward implicating Harvey Weinstein of sexual attack ; most just recently, Lena Hadley advance. Recently old tapes of Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa have actually emerged propagating Rape Culture. One reveals Ben searching a press reporter’ s breast. The other is a 2011 interview with Momoa on a Game Of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic Con that has him on record stating he delighted in Game of Thrones for the dream violence and since he got to “ rape gorgeous females.”

Seriously, exactly what the fresh hell is going on? Are we actually that far eliminated in our society that we can not keep our mouths shut and our actions in check if it even begins to blur the line of propagating our rape culture?

For those not familiar with the term “ rape culture, ” it is an environment where rape prevails and stabilized by media and popular culture. We see it on Game of Thrones as it occurs to different ladies. We see it in our own society as individuals continue victim blaming. We see it in ominous expressions that make sexual attack appear insignificant (“ Grab them by the p *** y, ” anybody?). We see it in meaningless remarks. The majority of ominous, nevertheless, is when it raises its unsightly head in our own understanding of things.


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There is a deep culture that plays down rape and sexual attack on all levels. Individuals minimize remarks they view as jokes or not as “ major, ” due to the fact that they are so out of tune with how painful rape culture truly is.

Take this in:

We do not acknowledge our own rape culture and our messages of misogyny. By not pertaining to terms with it, we are depicting guys’ s sexuality as unmanageable, aggressive, and violent, then penning it off as, “ He can ’ t aid himself. He was set off by exactly what she was using or exactly what she was doing.”

This issue is produced by victim blaming and the concept that guys are naturally sexually violent. If they get a tip of a signal that it is all right, that it is in their nature to take exactly what they desire. Even if there is no approval, there need to have been something to activate them to sexually attack or rape. Why is this fine and why are we as a whole in rejection?

To combat this we should check out our concepts about masculinity. How can you be a guy and not take part in this rhetoric?

We should empower females to be sexually positive and not make reasons for showing off or owning their sexuality. There is absolutely nothing hazardous about female sexuality. It is not something to be dominated or stopped. It is something to be commemorated and consulted with excited and active authorization by both celebrations. Or more if you’ re into that kind of thing. When I operated at Rape Trauma Services, all the therapists walked around to all the females in the space, looked all of us the in eye, and stated, “ You might stroll naked down no one and the street can touch you unless you state yes . ” WORD.

We should stop dealing with sexual attack and rape as a joke. We should acknowledge that rape has a deep cultural rooting in applying and dominating control over individuals, in colonizing individuals and disintegrating cultures, in degrading victims of war and in embarrassing and objectifying ladies.

We should consider our media outlets and exactly what they’ re teaching us about our gender functions and about sexuality. Ask where their message is originating from and why they wish to transmit that message. If it has to do with minorities, specifically. Why is it that rape scenes with the exception of a couple of programs have the tendency to reveal violence versus ladies? Violence versus females of color? Why is it that when rape is revealed, we brush it off and are desensitized? Why are the cam angles the method they are? Concern whatever.

Finally I wish to leave you with this. I read this post by ABC this night and in half of the accusations they mentioned that lots of victims of Weinstein’ s never ever stepped forward and some females in fact had sexual relationships with him after they were attacked. Why is that details pertinent? As a society, does that a lady grant sexual advances after she has been attacked make it fine? Doesn’ t this talk to the normalization of sexual attack and rape in our culture?

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