Blood From Women Who Have Been Pregnant Could Be Fatal To Men In Transfusions, Study Finds

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Men who get blood transfusions from ladies who have actually been pregnant are most likely to pass away, a research study has actually discovered. Researchers from Sanquin Research discovered that transfusions from blood donors who have actually been pregnant were related to an increased threat of death in male receivers, however not female receivers.

The research study took a look at 31,118 clients who had actually gotten 59,320 red cell transfusions in between 2005 and 2015 in significant medical facilities in the Netherlands. By comparing survival rates of the receivers, they discovered “a statistically considerable boost in all-cause death amongst male receivers of red cell transfusions”.

In overall, 3,969 clients studied passed away after their transfusions, with the lead cause being transfusion-related severe lung injury.

The scientists discovered that guys under the age of 50 were 1.5 times most likely to pass away within 3 years, if they got a transfusion from a lady who had actually been pregnant prior to contributing.

Whilst considerable, this isn’t really a substantial boost, however nonetheless, it might have ramifications for transfusions in the future if the very same outcomes are reproduced somewhere else. The very same outcomes were not seen in female receivers of blood transfusions, and their death was not impacted in any statistically considerable method. Their outcomes are released in the Journal of the American Medical Association .

Further research study is required, and the National Health Service in the UK have actually mentioned that they continue to invite contributions from ladies who have actually been pregnant. Shutterstock.

The scientists recommended that this boost in danger of death might be due to antibodies obtained throughout pregnancy.

“ The association of increased death amongst male clients who got transfusions from ever-pregnant donors recommends a possible system based upon immunologic modifications happening throughout pregnancy,” Dr Rutger Middelburg from Sanquin Research stated, reports the Telegraph .

“ An alternative description might be a distinction in iron status in between ever-pregnant female and male donors. Some research studies likewise report distinctions in red cell physiology in between the sexes.”

The authors mention that additional research study is required “to duplicate these findings, identify their scientific significance, and recognize the underlying system.”


” These outcomes are intriguing and might — if real — have considerable scientific ramifications,” Ritchard G Cable MD composed in an editorial on the JAMA Network . He advised care, and specified that other scientific trials have actually had various outcomes.

The National Health Service in the UK informed the Telegraph that blood contributions from all donors were welcome which they continue to invite contributions from ladies who have actually been pregnant.

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