Does Melania Trump use a body double? An investigation

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Image: drew angerer/Getty Images

Every when in a while, a conspiracy theory occurs that’s so mentally pleasing I have no option however to provide it as reality.

Consider the current Twitter conspiracy theory making the rounds: that Melania Trump is utilizing a body double and has actually been doing it for months.

Melania, the theory goes, rejects Washington in addition to her partner and has actually kindly provided her body double for usage at public occasions.

Girl, we get it. And while practically web conspiracies are garbage, there’s even some proof for this one that makes it … practically … possibly … not awkward to consider?

Gumshoes, let’s examine.

The theory appears to have actually started over the weekend, when appreciated Guardian writer Marina Hyde tweeted this:

Hyde might effectively have actually been joking. That didn’t stop the unfortunate individuals of Twitter, desperate for some old-fashioned dumb news to hold on to, from taking the conspiracy one billion actions even more and advancing it as reality.

The theory removed when a Twitter account we can certainly rely on, , proposed the specific very same theory on Wednesday., a self-identified “Cannapreneeur” poised to end up being the Nate Silver of conspiracy theories, proposed some proof that, prima facie, is damning:

Oh, Melania. We would so like to think that you’ve left your partner to reside in a golden palace, where you can use your glasses in the restroom while silently subtweeting your other half . There are numerous individuals out there who desire you to divorce him and continue to utilize his charge card to buy Seamless. I imply, this is the type of dream vengeance theory every #Resistance member must keep for as long as they potentially can.

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