This Sight Is Meant To ‘Entertain’ Diners, But The Truth Is Clearly Heartbreaking

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Wild animals are frequently made use of for the advantage or home entertainment of other individuals. Brown bears in Armenia are, regrettably, no exception.

Across the previous Soviet republic are captive bears housed in little cages at dining establishments, bus depots, shopping mall as well as factories. Numerous were captured as cubs and required to invest their lives in these small jails, all for the home entertainment of travelers, commuters, consumers, and restaurants. Thats why the non-profit company International Animal Rescue (IAR) has actually introduced The Great Bear Rescue , an objective to conserve them.

“Some have actually been living for many years in little, barren cages, making it through just on scraps and unclean, stagnant water and standing on stinking mounds of their own feces,” stated IAR Chief Executive Alan Knight.

“Many of them ease their monotony and aggravation by pacing constantly to and fro, banging their heads versus the walls or going up the bars, browsing desperately for an escape path.”

“They have actually been robbed of their self-respect and their liberty, all for individuals’s idle home entertainment. It sickens me.”

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