A new religion wants to welcome advanced artificial intelligence

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There’s a brand-new church for tech-minded folks, and it seems like something from a sci-fi book.

“Way of the Future” (or WOTF, as they abbreviate it) is

1. Not a joke, and

2. According to them (and this is genuine) “about developing a considerate and tranquil shift of who supervises of the world from individuals to individuals + ‘devices.'”

Yes, you check out that properly. They wish to get a running start on offering out the mankind to our machine-overlords-to-be.

The church (for absence of a much better word) presumes that innovation will ultimately go beyond human abilities, and develop into an all-knowing, all-seeing being that will look like– or probably really be— a god. Which we have to understand who’s on the computer systems’ side by keeping track (more on that later).

This is all inning accordance with Anthony Levandowski, an engineer of self-driving cars and truck innovation, and seemingly, the leader of this brand-new faith.

WOTF is everything about preparing– as well as working– to make sure that occurs, he stated.

“ It ’ s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or triggers typhoons. If there is something a billion times smarter than the most intelligent human, exactly what else are you going to call it?” Levandowski informed Wired.

Levandowski’s name has actually remained in journalism plenty formerly, and not even for his fealty in front of devices. He’s at the center of a huge suit in between Alphabet (Google’s moms and dad business) and Uber over the theft of copyright associating with self-driving vehicle innovation. Levandwoski’s declared to have actually taken essential files referring to self-driving vehicle tech when he left Waymo (Google’s self-driving automobile business), and utilizing it to establish innovation later on obtained by Uber.

But that fades when compared with Levandowski’s brand-new “religious beliefs,” which he is the “dean,” inning accordance with files surveyed by Wired.

What Levandowski anticipates is frequently referred to as “the singularity.” The term, created by mathematician/sci-fi author Vernor Vinge , is utilized when discussing the minute when computer system intelligence goes beyond that of individuals. That concept was extensively welcomed by other futurists consisting of Ray Kurzweil, a prominent expert system scientist who believes the singularity will show up in 2045 .

WOTF and Levandowski aren’t making forecasts. They’re making preparations.

“Given that innovation will have the ability to exceed human capabilities [fairly quickly], we wish to assist inform individuals about this amazing future and prepare a smooth shift,” specifies WOTF’s site.

That may sound reasonably affordable, however it gets frightening quite rapidly. Amongst the important things that WOTF states it will do is to track which individuals are encouraging of its motion– a relocation that has the tendency to sound a bit like exactly what cults have the tendency to do.

“We think it might be necessary for makers to see who gets along to their cause and who is not. We intend on doing so by keeping an eye on who has actually done exactly what (and for the length of time) to assist the considerate and tranquil shift,” the WOTF states.

Levandowski himself comes off much more frightening. Talking to Wired about the requirement for individuals to prepare themselves for a future that is ruled by god-like computer system intelligence, Levandowski made it seem like individuals will not have much of an option.

“Do you wish to be a family pet or animals?” he asked Wired.

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