After someone tried selling her nude photos, Sia shared them on Twitter.

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She’s far from the very first star to have naked pictures dripped online, however Sia’s action is definitely distinct — and type of amazing.

On Nov. 6, the pop vocalist tweeted out a blurred picture of her naked behind with a message: “Someone is obviously attempting to offer naked images of me to my fans. Conserve your cash, here it is totally free. Daily is Christmas!”

It was a fantastic tweet, at the same time lessening the image’s worth (tough to make cash on something that’s been sent free of charge to 3.2 million individuals on Twitter) and welcoming herself for who she is.

You might even state that she turned the professional photographer into the butt of the joke.

When it concerns exactly what individuals feel entitled to from celebs, society’s expectations require a revamp in a huge method.

An individual — a fan, even — may take pleasure in the music, acting, or art produced by a star. That does not suggest they’re entitled to naked pictures or other breaches of individual privacy. Sia, for all her popularity and success, is an individual much like the rest people. Even if she’s not embarrassed of her body (which is an advantage, undoubtedly), that does not suggest any of us are entitled to see it, particularly without her authorization.

While this sort of blackmail is never ever OKAY, it appears specifically harsh to target her like this provided her extremely openly specified sensations about the idea of popularity: “If anybody besides popular individuals understood exactly what it resembled to be a celebrity, they would never ever wish to be popular,” she composed in her 2013 “ anti-fame manifesto ,” making a point of obscuring her face throughout her public efficiencies since.

So simply be cool. Deal with stars like individuals. Is that actually so tough?

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