Fox News Bans Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons for Life

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Kiss frontman Gene Simmons — till today, a preferred visitor on Fox News and Fox Business Network programs, which could not get enough of his allegedly outrageous rock-star shenanigans combined with conservative politics– has actually been prohibited for life from the right-leaning cable television channels.

Fox lastly had sufficient of Simmons after he crudely insulted female Fox staffers, teased them and exposed his chest, and otherwise acted like the “devil” character he plays onstage. Management was not entertained, and Simmons’s picture was immediately published Wednesday at the security entryway of the business’s Manhattan head office together with a “do-not-admit” advisory.

Simmons’s press agent didn’t instantly react to an ask for remark.

The difficulty began Wednesday early morning after the Israeli-born Simmons– birth name: Chaim Witz, who gowns like a preening teen at age 68– appeared on Fox &&Friends and Maria Bartiromo ‘s Fox Business Network program, Mornings with Maria, to promote his brand-new book On Power.

Things appeared to be working out enough when Simmons leapt up from the Fox &&Friends sofa to assist meteorologist Janice Dean do her weather forecast– a thrilled Dean later on published video on her Twitter feed– and then rested on a panel with Bartiromo, who asked his views on the Harvey Weinstein sexual-misconduct scandal.

“The lunatics have actually taken control of the outrageous asylum when appreciated organisation entities such as yourself ask people that prefer to stick their tongues out,” Simmons responded to, “exactly what I consider Harvey Weinstein.”

“Okay, I’m a appealing and effective male, and exactly what I’m about to state is fatal major,” he continued. “Men are jackasses. From the time we’re young we have testosterone. I’m not confirming it or safeguarding it.”

Maybe not, however within minutes he was showing it. Inning accordance with an experienced Fox News source, Simmons appeared on the 14th flooring to do a book-plugging interview with’s home entertainment area, however rather intruded on a personnel conference unwelcome.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” he yelled, and after that pulled open his red velour t-shirt to expose his chest and tummy, inning accordance with the source. He beginning informing Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes, and then bopped 2 staff members on the head with his book, making derisive remarks about their relative intelligence according to the noise their heads made when struck.

“It was quite extreme,” the source stated.

After Simmons’s misbehavior was reported to a manager, then to human-resources executive Kevin Lord, the Kiss frontman was completely prohibited from the structure and will not be allowed on any Fox News or Fox Business Network shows.

His interview with, on the other hand, was taped however will not be released.

UPDATE: Simmons launched a declaration : “I have actually appeared regularly for many years on different Fox News and Fox Business programs and have a significant quantity of regard for the gifted females and males who work there. While I think that exactly what is being reported is deceptive and extremely overstated, I am genuinely sorry that I inadvertently angered members of the Fox group throughout my see.”

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