9 Scientific Ways To Fix Your Most Common Sleep Problems

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Trouble sleeping during the night? Whether it’s tension, body discomfort, or a glossy blue screen keeping you up, not getting those 7-9 suggested hours of shut-eye can shake off your whole day. Thanks to the remarkable power of science, nevertheless, we now understand some simple methods to fine-tune our sleeping routines that can fix the 9 most typical issues individuals deal with.

No, we’re not discussing melatonin supplements or chamomile tea (though if those work for you, continue). It’s as easy as setting an early morning alarm, or bewaring of exactly what time you consume caffeine, or understanding where to put pillows to minimize particular conditions. Even the temperature level of your space contributes in how well you sleep.

Well, we cannot inform you all of these excellent ideas simply. Scroll down to learn ways to get on your method to sweet dreams tonight – or now, if your eyes are getting heavy simply reading this.

(h/t: Tech Insider )

Source: Healthline

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