CEO of HQ, the Hottest App Going: If You Run This Profile, Well Fire Our Host

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Every day, numerous countless individuals all over the world fire up their mobile phones and log onto HQ, a live trivia app that has actually drawn in massive online buzz and been called the “Future of TELEVISION” in the previous week.

The co-founder and CEO of the app, nevertheless, threatened in a tirade to fire its star host just for speaking with continue Monday.

HQ Trivia enables users around the world to tune in and take part in twice-per-day live trivia reveals where they have the opportunity to win genuine money. The app wased established by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, who co-created Vine in 2012.

Since its launch over the summertime it has actually ended up being a cultural force. Over 170,000 individuals waited in the video game’s lobby to play HQ on Sunday night.

At the heart of the app is a cult figure called Scott, who hosts most of programs. Scott Rogowsky has actually ended up being the default face of the app, and while other hosts in some cases complete, Scott is unquestionably the preferred. It’s Scott’s face that is plastered all over HQ’s press products. Fans call him “Quiz Daddy” and on the couple of days when he does not host HQ Trivia, individuals ask for his return .

“Everyone requires 15 minutes of Scott in their lives,” one fan just recently tweeted . “If you do not like Scott from HQ we cannot be buddies,” stated another .

Because of his status as an increasing superstar, The Daily Beast connected to Rogowsky on Monday to compose an easy going profile on his profession and how his life has actually altered post-HQ popularity.

Scott consented to the interview and talked with The Daily Beast on Monday afternoon. The Daily Beast at the same time connected to the HQ public relations email account and Yusupov, among HQ’s creators, letting him understand of our strategies to compose a story about the program’s host.

Several hours later on, we got an e-mail from Yusupov mentioning that HQ was “not making Scott readily available to discuss his participation with HQ with the media/press.” The press reporter notified Yusupov that we had actually currently spoken with Scott which the story was nearing publication, however motivated him to call us with any issues. When things went off the rails, #peeee


Yusupov, the CEO of HQ, called the press reporter’s cellular phone and right away raised his voice. He stated that we were “totally unapproved” to discuss Scott or HQ without his approval which if we composed any kind of piece about Scott, he would lose his task.

Yusupov continued to threaten Scott’s task, after The Daily Beast discussed that the story was framed around Scott’s life which he exposed no business details.

“You’re putting Scott’s task in jeopardy. Is that exactly what you desire?” Yusupov stated. “Scott might lose his task.”

“Please read me your story word for word,” Yusupov stated. “Or you can email it to me.” The Daily Beast does not generally share the contents of our pieces, the press reporter shared quotes from Rogowsky, which were shared and non-confrontational no business tricks.

Yusupov’s objections started with the line, “Scott stated that regardless of the attention, he’s still able to stroll down the street and buy his preferred salad from Sweetgreen without being confronted.”

“He can not state that!” Yusupov screamed. “We do not have a brand name handle Sweetgreen! Under no scenarios can he state that.”

When asked to validate that Rogowsky cannot state he personally delights in consuming at Sweetgreen, Yusupov stated “he can not state that,” improperly declaring that Scott had actually revealed personal business info by exposing his choice for a salad chain.

When The Daily Beast checked out Yusupov a quote from Rogowsky stating “I can make individuals pleased and provide the trivia they so frantically desire and like. It’s been so fantastic to develop this neighborhood,” Yusupov urged the press reporter to “take that out.”

Asked for explanation, Yusupov responded that Rogowsky was never enabled to state that he “delights in making individuals delighted and providing the trivia they desire.”

“He can not state that individuals desire trivia,” stated Yusupov, the creator of the HQ Trivia app.

“It’s extremely less than professional. Extremely less than professional of you to connect to among our agreement staff members without my approval and without going through appropriate press channels,” Yusupov stated, exposing formerly concealed details that Scott himself is not a full-time HQ staff member.

Yusupov stated that he would authorize The Daily Beast to compose a short article everything about Scott’s life, however that we were “not permitted” to consist of any reference of HQ or his function in HQ (which is public), or he might be ended.

“This is absurd,” Yusupov stated. “If you connected to an Apple engineer and they provided you details about the brand-new iPhone, would you run it? No, since you ‘d need to go through correct press channels.”

Yusupov was consistently assured that Scott had actually not exposed a single piece of categorized details about HQ.

After a backward and forward in which Yusupov informed The Daily Beast its press reporter would never ever be permitted to speak with Rogowsky once again, the co-founder nervously specified that the discussion was off the record, something he had actually not specified prior to that point and a prerequisite The Daily Beast had actually never ever accepted. The telephone call ended soon afterwards.


The Daily Beast’s chat with Rogowsky himself was significantly less combative. When he landed his huge break with HQ, #peeee

Rogowsky stated he had actually prepared to move to Los Angeles this fall and had actually even offered up his Brooklyn home.

When he got the chance to interview for the task of host he believed, “What the hell? Why not? I figured I’m not going to hand down this thing that might be the future.”

Rogowsky was no complete stranger to remaining in front of audiences– although none were as huge as HQ’s. When he was in college and moved to Brooklyn soon later to pursue a profession in funny, he began doing standup in 2005 back.

He ultimately understood that life as a standard comic wasn’t rather for him, so he started doing live programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. He likewise started making YouTube videos and among them, a Super Bowl parody, went viral in 2009. Rogowsky stated that it opened his eyes in regards to the power of online video.

“That’s when I rotated to video,” he stated. He started making more videos for business customers and ultimately producing web programs. He even did a stint at The Onion as a contributing heading author.

But absolutely nothing Rogowsky has actually done prior to mesmerized an audience on the scale of his HQ hosting gig. In the previous 6 months, he has actually ended up being an A-list celeb in the eyes of fans of the app.

“I take a trip all over by helicopter now,” Rogowsky joked. “Nolita to Soho? I’m taking a chopper. No, to be sincere I’m still the exact same individual I was in the past. I have actually gotten more Twitter fans, however.”When a guy approached him, #peeee

Rogowsky stated that quickly after the app started to introduce in beta he was consuming with a buddy. “He goes, ‘You’re Scott from HQ, right?’ I resembled, ‘How the hell?'”

Since that summertime encounter he’s had a female ask him for a selfie while he was recovering cash from an ATM. Others have screamed his name on the street. Numerous HQ fans even dressed up as Rogowsky for Halloween.

“That was most likely the craziest minute,” he stated. When he went to a buddy at a regional WeWork, #peeee

One of the most chaotic encounters Rogowsky has actually had with fans was.

“That’s where you get mobbed,” he stated. “It’s all the start-up and app-type people, so they’re huge fans.”

Unlike other corners of the web, the HQ neighborhood is exceptionally favorable, a plain contrast to the protective secretiveness of its creator. Fans can mingle prior to and throughout the live programs through an open chat visit the bottom of the screen. With 10s of countless gamers checked in simultaneously, the chat messages can zip, however almost all messages are favorable.

Some root for popular gamers or ask Scott for unique birthday shout outs.

“I seem like HQ has actually been a force for excellent and it’s combined this incredible neighborhood. I would like to see the very first individuals to obtain wed from HQ. Possibly they’ll satisfy in the chat and call their very first kid Scott,” stated Rogowsky.

“The web was expected to bring individuals together, however it’s developed huge departments.”


When The Daily Beast called Yusupov back a day later on letting him understand that the story was being reframed around his remarks, Yusupov brought Rogowsky onto the telephone call and wrongly declared that he never ever threatened to fire him.

“My sensation was that it was dishonest which you were jeopardizing the app,” Yusupov stated to Rogowsky while on the phone with The Daily Beast. “Now they wish to reframe the story as me threatening to fire you. Do you believe that’s a smart idea?”

Yusupov then stated that the 2 were in fact in long-lasting agreement settlements which he never ever had strategies to fire him. “He and I are dealing with a media strategy,” Yusupov stated.

“I do not wish to fire Scott. Scott is our man.”

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