Fans question Johnny Depp’s role in ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ after abuse allegations

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Despite the general public discussion about sexism and abuse in Hollywood, declared abuser Johnny Depp stays front and center in the next Harry Potter film.

Many fans hoped that Warner Bros. would modify his function as Grindelwald, distancing the franchise from Depp’s domestic abuse accusations. Instead, it appears like he’ll have a more feature in the follow up to Fantastic Beasts. The movie is now entitled Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Depp appears in the very first authorities image of the primary cast.

Reactions to Pottermore’s Twitter post on the statement are significantly crowded with fans revealing their dissent.

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In 2016, Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard reported the star was physically violent towards her, and she shared images of swellings on her face throughout divorce procedures. The Los Angeles Police Department didn’t submit charges after reacting to an occurrence at the couple’s house, however Heard was given a momentary limiting order and later on won a $7 million divorce settlement. Heard revealed she would contribute the amount to charity, though lots of still implicated her of being a “gold digger” and other misogynistic insults. Fans fret that by keeping Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts, Warner Bros. is supporting the rehab of his public image and placing him as a deserving token for a kids’s franchise.

Across the show business, developers and stars are being examined and fired due to allegations of harassment or abuse. Many plainly, Ridley Scott re-shot parts of an approaching film to change Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer . Scott’s movie comes out next month, and The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out in November 2018, so Warner Bros. had lots of time to modify Depp’s function.

It would even be exceptionally simple to describe Depp’s replacement. Depp just appeared in a few scenes of the very first motion picture, since Grindelwald invested the majority of the time camouflaged as Percival Graves (Colin Farrell). It would not be difficult to provide a wonderful description for a brand-new star, with Grindelwald shape-shifting to utilize another face. Rather, Warner Bros. kept Depp in spite of the extensive reaction, recommending that he’ll return for later on motion pictures. Grindelwald is the primary bad guy of the franchise, sharing a turbulent relationship with Dumbledore (Jude Law).

Depp’s fans argue he was never ever founded guilty of a criminal activity. Then once again, neither were Kevin Spacey , Ed Westwick , Louis C.K. , Brett Ratner , or any number of effective males implicated of abuse, rape, and harassment who are presently dealing with expert effects.

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This entire case is public understanding and Depp’s existence in the very first film likewise triggered a protest. In November 2017, the circumstance feels a lot more unpleasant. Hollywood remains in the middle of a cultural turmoil, and by supporting Johnny Depp, some parts of Harry Potter fandom concern Warner Bros. is selecting the incorrect side of a really public ethical dispute.

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