10 Cyber Monday Deals You Can’t Afford To Pass Up

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Cyber Monday’s here, and these are the type of offers that will not break your bank, sending you into a state of self-encouraged tension sweats.

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    Mini Happy Kit

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    This one’s a need to have for the dedicated cigarette smoker: say goodbye to stuffing documents and pipelines in the susceptible boundaries of a vulnerable pocket. Rather, go with the delighted set. This clutch bag suits your pocket, and guarantees Mary Jane safe journeys. Get yours over here!

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    Luxuriously Soft Queen Chevron Blanket

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    Winter is here, men. This is the sort of luxurious blanket that can completely alter the cozying up nap video game, while you cave up and catch bouts of famous Netflix bingeing. The blanket’s too excellent to be reality. It’s unfair. Like, you’ll be hard-pressed to NOT wish to use this 24/7. Can we simply make it socially appropriate to rock this as a criminally comfortable cape out in public, or exactly what? Get yours over here!

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    The Voting Game

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    This video game’s everything about the cringe-inducing sort of discussions that total up to exposing who your pals actually are. Awkwardness is unavoidable, and ideally the discoveries themselves aren’t totally crippling to relationships. Get yours here!

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    Poopyhead Card Game “Where Number 2 Wins!”

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    Had to drop this on our Cyber Monday list, men. Was it bring your mad kid to work and let ’em call an item day? Obviously, it was. Get the video game here , trigger truthfully, it’s some funny space design at least.

  • 5

    Beard Bib

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    This is quickly among the more absurd items we encountered today in the middle of sorting through the slush stack of Cyber Monday offers. While the photo itself is a bit funny, the item definitely serves a handy function. Let’s get a round of applause for hoping this might assist even more the cause in the battle versus constantly blocked sinks out there! Get one over here for your SO or yourself!

  • 6

    Exploding Kittens Card Game

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    With a video game that covers a range of things like the (ever adorable) kittycats or laser beams, and often even GOATS, there’s a bit of something for everybody. Snag yours over here!

  • 7

    MiP the Toy Robot

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    This is quickly among the prettiest little synthetically smart robo-bros we’ve yet to come across. Miip’s gesture-based innovation permits it to respond to gestures like claps, touch, and more. Plus, you can link it with your clever gadgets, and it responds to apps like Spotify in cute style. All in all, get yourself among these over here , and watch as your environment significantly enhances.

  • 8

    Grumpy Cat

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    This one promotes itself. Everyone’s life stands to benefit with a side of Grumpy Cat spending time. No matter how sour of a state of mind you’re in, this guy constantly stands to top it, with an extensive disapprove his face. Get your brand-new finest friend over here!

  • 9

    Award-Winning Personal Water Filter

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    This acclaimed appropriately called, “lifestraw” permits you to consume water from any lake or stream around the globe without the included trouble of boiling that diluted till it’s safe.

  • 10

    BL20 LED Projector

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    Take your next film night to the next level with this projector that has integrated high quality speakers, to boot! Get one here.

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