Twitter officially expands its character count to 280 starting today

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Twitter’ s growth to 280 characters is presenting openly today to all users in supported languages, consisting of English. The business had very first revealed the questionable strategy to move beyond its standard 140 characters back in September, keeping in mind at the time how a longer character count permitted users to reveal more of their ideas without lacking space to tweet.

The growth was at first offered to a choose group of Twitter users as a trial.

At the time of its initial statement, the business pointed out information supporting its choice that referenced how the character restrictions affected users in a different way, depending upon their language.

Twitter stated that those who tweeted in languages like Japanese, Chinese and korean were able to reveal around double the quantity of details in a single character, compared with users who spoke English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Because of this, Twitter chose the growth to 280 characters would just present to those languages impacted by “ packing ”– indicating whatever however Japanese, Korean and chinese– throughout the test duration.

The # 280 Controversy

The choice was met a reasonable quantity of debate, considered that among Twitter ’ s specifying qualities is the brevity of users ’ posts.

Many argued that the boost to 280 characters would make Twitter less legible , as longer tweets filled their timelines.

Others recommended that Twitter ’ s focus on a function no one actually asked for was diverting its attention from more vital issues– like the widespread abuse , harassment and bullying it ’ s end up being understood for.

TWITTER USERS: It would be great if you stopped individuals making death risks.

TWITTER: OK, however exactly what if those death risks could be LONGER?

— Mike Drucker( @MikeDrucker ) September 26, 2017

And still more argued that the growth doesn ’ t truly suggest individuals will

have the ability to much better reveal themselves– they ’ ll simply state the exact same thing, however utilize more words to do so.

One especially amusing tweet on that subject even went viral.

A redlined and modified variation of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ’ s 280-character tweet showed how it was possible to diminish the tweet ’ s word count down without losing its significance.

139 characters

— Caitlin Kelly(@caitlin__kelly) September 26, 2017

Twitter ’ s user base is rather divided on whether the modification would mess up Twitter. Tech media– beyond a actions — appeared to be opposed to the modification.

However, the media– a group of mainly power users regreting the loss of an information-dense timeline– might not represent Twitter ’ s bigger user base, a few of whom have actually been asking for the function considering that September.

In addition, one survey from last month discovered more Americans favored the growth than opposed to it, and the bulk had no viewpoint.

However, Crimson Hexagon drawn out belief information from 2.7 million tweets from Sept. 25 through Nov. 6 and discovered that unfavorable belief is more popular than favorable(63 percent vs. 37 percent).

But it likewise kept in mind unfavorable belief– and conversation in basic– has actually reduced given that September.

Twitter ’ s Data on # 280 Usage

In today ’ s post about the general public launch of 280 characters, Twitterintends to lighten individuals ’ s worries that their timelines will fill with broadened tweets.

The business stated that throughout the trial duration, individuals continued to tweet listed below 140 characters the majority of the time– after the novelty of having the ability to utilize more characters wore away. Particularly, Twitter discovered that just 5 percent of tweets were sent with more than 140 characters and of those, just 2 percent were over 190 characters.

It likewise stated that a lot of the wacky things individuals did when they got the capability to tweet more– like composing just a couple of characters per line to make extra-large tweets– were just a momentary impact.( Though it anticipates many individuals will do this once again with the general public launch.)

Twitter included that just 1 percent of tweets struck the character limitation after the growth to 280, compared to 9 percent of tweets, traditionally speaking.

Notably, Twitter declares that those who had more space to tweet gotten more likes, @mentions and retweets, acquired more fans, and invested more time on Twitter. It didn ’ t measure these findings with tough information.

Its sample size was most likely little. Twitter informs us that just a “ single digit portion ” of its user base had access to 280 characters throughout the test duration.(Twitter today has 330 millionmonth-to-month users, since its Q3 2017 incomes.)

At the end of the day, it ’ s this engagement information that ’ s driving Twitter ’ s choice here. The business thinks that the secret to growing its user base is making the service much easier for beginners. Minimizing obstructions– like the failure to end up an idea– might aid with that.(Arguably, producing a non-toxic neighborhood where online abuse is seriously attended to would be more useful.)

The rollout of 280 to all supported languages ought to finish in a couple of hours after today ’ s statement at 1 PM PT, we ’ re informed.

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