OnePlus 5T gives you a large screen with slim bezels for half the price of a Note 8

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After weeks of reports, OnePlus’s newest flagship phone, the OnePlus 5T, is now main.

The young and growing Chinese phone maker’s 5T is a direct jab at Samsung and Google’s flagship Android phones. Why pay $650 for a Pixel 2 and even $1,000 for a Note 8 when you can get a premium phone with comparable functions for $500?

OnePlus’s concentrates on damaging the oneplus and the competitors 5T is no various.

Though the OnePlus 5 was just launched at the end of June, the business’s workplaces remain in Shenzhen, China, which pays for the business the versatility to deal with brand-new items rapidly and fast-track brand-new functions at a speed other phone maker’s cant.

The OnePlus 5T begins at $499 for 64GB of storage with 6GB of RAM and $559 for 128GB of storage with 8GB of RAM and launches on Nov. 21. And there’s just one color this time: Midnight Black.

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