“I Thought He Hated Me”: When Jesus Finds Out a Good Christian Girl Got an Abortion

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On the outdoors, Carli Salzburg appears like the all-American woman.

Blonde hair, stunning smile, a sweet southern accent and an infectious love for Jesus, she quickly appears like somebody I’d wish to be friends with.

Like so lots of strong Christians today, Carli hasn’ t constantly strolled in the method of the Lord. At one point in her life, she felt so far from God that she really thought she was making the right choices for herself– especially when it came to having an abortion.

According to the World Health Organization, there are an approximated 50 million abortions carried out all over the world each year. That corresponds to around 125,000 abortions daily. 125,000 lives that are ended prior to they’ re even provided a possibility.

After relying on drugs, alcohol and kids to fill a space in her heart following her moms and dads ’ divorce, Carli discovered herself pregnant at 17 with a violent young boy who was more thinking about playing video games and controling her than he really remained in Carli.

“ I had no concept who Jesus was, ” Carli confesses. “ I had no concept that he was simply waiting to cover his arms around me, and simply for me to come to him– brokenness and all.”


In her brokenness, Carli decided to have an abortion.

“ I was so embarrassed, I didn ’ t inform a soul.”


She didn ’ t understand it at the time, however God was operating in her heart. Later on that year, Carli set off for college. Prior to doing so, she keeps in mind hoping for godly good friends.

“ I didn ’ t actually understand why, however I wished to be various, and I would like to know who Jesus truly was.”


Carli jokes that she ’ s a sluggish student, however in time, Jesus heals all injuries. The discomfort of her moms and dads ’ divorce, the violent relationships, the abortion, the heartbreak, it has actually all been made ideal in God’ s ideal timing.

Carli states she frequently reflects to the choices she made prior to she familiarized Jesus. She reviews her choice to terminate her infant, and like many ladies in her position, it can be difficult not to experience remorse.

She believed she would definitely be disowned by her Heavenly Father after her wicked choice.

“ I kinda believed he disliked me, ” stated Carli. “ But I was incorrect.God had not stop on me. ”


In looking for God, and surrounding herself with Godly neighborhood, the Lord exposed to Carli that she IS worthwhile, and she IS important.

“ He made it understood to me that I am a lot more than that discomfort and remorse that I had actually been dealing with, and the choices I made, which’ s notwho specifies me.”


In the end, Carli hopes others who are bring around the remorse and weightiness of regret that comes with having an abortion, will understand that God is not ended up with you.

“ God revealed me– the lady from a Christian house, who had the abortion, who’ s acquainted with the pity and the remorse– exactly what it’ s want to be desired. God pursued me. All the past, all the failure, all the scrap, He pursued me, from all individuals.

What would occur if you understood He was doing the exact same thing for you?”


If you or somebody you understand is thinking about abortion today, check out www.focusonthefamily.com now, or call 1-855-771-HELP (4357) to talk to a certified Christian therapist today. If you’ ve had an abortion and have an interest in discovering assistance, go to www.hopeafterabortion.com for prayer, resources, and next actions.

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