This Couple Bought a Donkey And Took Him For An Amazing Road Trip

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Dennis is the happy owner of 3 Poitou donkeys. A Poitou donkey is among the biggest donkey types out there. The type was being utilized for the production of mules throughout Europe in the 20th and 19th century. Dennis purchased his very first Poitou donkey about 5 years ago with his sweetheart Sandy, and called it Pepito. 3 years later on they purchased 2 more Poitou donkeys and called those Joey and Igor. They took them for a walk around the location each week and stopped at a bar to consume chocolate milk. The donkeys would wait outside for them to return. They were really friendly and popular by villagers. Being a daring couple and travel lovers, they began considering taking their donkeys on a journey they would always remember. Putting the strategy together, Dennis and Sandy figured they had to prepare their donkeys for the journey of their life. They needed to find out where to go to, train with the donkeys and purchase the necessary products. Training with the donkeys started. The procedure took months and throughout the procedure they discovered there was just one donkey fit to make this journey. Igor ended up being extremely brave and not scared to strive. Beside that he was the only donkey that was not scared to stand and drive around in a trailer. He’s the ideal match. They chose to take a trip to the lovely Vosges location in the East of France and purchased a trailer given that they were taking a trip by vehicle. The journey was fantastic and they all had a great deal of enjoyable.

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