Joe Biden swoops in to console Meghan McCain over her father’s cancer diagnosis

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A psychological minute in between previous Vice President Joe Biden and Meghan McCain took place on The View on Wednesday.

Meghan’s dad Senator John McCain was detected with glioblastoma 6 months back, an aggressive brain cancer that unfortunately brings a low survival rate. In spite of going through an operation, McCain has actually continued to serve on the United States Senate, notoriously preventing his own celebration’s effort at rescinding Obamacare this summertime .

Biden’s kid Beau died in 2015 from the exact same cancer. When he made a look on the talk program, Meghan began off by informing Biden that she was not able to complete his book, Promise Me, Dad, which she thought of Beau every day. As Meghan ended up being psychological, Biden right away actioned in, changing seat to obtain closer and to console her.

“Look, among the important things that offered Beau guts– my word– was John. Your daddy, you might keep in mind when you were a youngster, your father, looked after my Beau. Your papa … ended up being good friends with Beau. And Beau discussed your papa’ s guts– not about health problem– however about his guts, ” Biden informed Megan.

Biden then discussed a few of the clinical advancements that have actually happened just recently, in an effort at informing Meghan that there is some expect her daddy’s condition.

At the precise best minute, Biden stroked in with some much required funny, joking about how he and McCain had extremely various political views, however the 2 might still depend upon each other to be there for one another.

“The thing that I discovered– and Beau demanded, your papa is going to demand– is you’ ve got to preserve hope. There’s hope. You need to have hope,” Biden stated, motivating Meghan.

“I swear, people, we are going to beat this damn illness,” Biden concluded as the audience praised.

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