Facebook Announced A New Friend Request Blocking Policy, So Goodbye, Trolls

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Social media is something of a mess, what with all the bots and giants and all the phony news and insane member of the family. Well, now a social networks giant is aiming to throw down the gauntlet. In an effort to avoid trolling and harassment, you can now block buddy demands on Facebook . That’s simply among a number of brand-new steps the business revealed in its continuous efforts to make the site a much safer, more satisfying experience.

The social networks giant revealed these much-desired modifications on Tuesday, Dec. 19 after talking to both Facebook users and companies that represent groups that disproportionately experience harassment, such as females and reporters.

Facebook will utilize signals such as IP addresses to avoid “inauthentic or phony” accounts from pestering users, inning accordance with TechCrunch. The website highlighted the value of this: if you’ve obstructed somebody, Facebook’s brand-new function must avoid that individual from calling you by means of an alternate or recently produced account by figuring out that it the message or demand is being sent out from the exact same IP address (to name a few signals Facebook is utilizing, which it didn’t define).

So this ideally implies bye-bye to being spammed by alternate accounts, and bye-bye to needing to continuously obstruct a single person over and over once again. That suggests less time needing to handle giants. Applaud the lord.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Global Head of Safety, composed in an article describing the relocation,

And, Davis continued, the extra functions, which utilize IP addresses and other signals should, in theory, assistance Facebook avoid occasion more of “those bad encounters.”

While Facebook currently has neighborhood requirements to avoid harassment and bullying , that, inning accordance with specialists, wasn’t enough. Beyond obstructing buddy demands, users will have the ability to overlook discussions, disabling alerts and moving them into the filtered messages folder. Now, that function just works for individually messaging, however Facebook is working on a comparable function for group messaging.

This is yet another signal that Facebook is aiming to deal with the extremely genuine issue of harassment and abuse on its site (which is, undoubtedly, not special to Facebook, however is a function of social networks sites).

But whether this will achieve success remains to be seen.

After all, Facebook has actually made some big pledges to repair a few of their worst functions this year — and has actually had a hard time to preserve those issues. Phony news, for instance, has actually multiplied on the site for several years, as well as supposedly affected the result of the 2016 U.S. governmental election. Facebook’s proposed service — a function which tags posts as “disputed by third-party fact-checkers” — has actually had a minimal impact. Which little function just followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg said sorry after at first buffooning worries of phony news on Facebook .

And regardless of releasing their internal policies on harassment and abuse in an effort to be more transparent, Facebook has actually not been faring too well when it concerns eliminating hate groups.

‘s David Perry has reported a virulently antisemitic group — which, under Facebook’s neighborhood requirements, is prohibited for promoting targeted hate speech — every couple of months for many years. The group is still operating on Facebook. ( Twitter is likewise sluggish to prohibit individuals , though they have actually begun a “purge” of alt-right and neo-Nazi accounts in an effort to stymy harassment and abuse.)

But, hi, something is much better than absolutely nothing. As well as if it does not work, you block Mark Zuckerberg now. It’s the little things.

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