The Human Ken Doll Is Having FOUR Ribs Removed, But He’s Not Throwing Them Away

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The Human Ken Doll has actually regularly struck the headings thanks to his relentless cosmetic surgery dependency. Throughout the years, 33-year-old Rodrigo Alves has actually invested nearly $500,000 dollars on his look, starting with a nose job when he was simply 18.

Now he is set to have his most harmful treatment to this day — the elimination of FOUR ribs. Unlike vocalist Marilyn Manson, who was reported to have actually had ribs got rid of so that he might carry out fellatio on himself, Alves is having the treatment so that he can fit more effortlessly into his hallmark sports jackets. It will include having no less than 4 drifting ribs gotten rid of by a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon. The elimination of drifting ribs may sound severe, however Alves has actually been entrusted no other choice. Due to the fact that it would be putting his health in threat, he has actually had liposuction an incredible 20 times and was informed by medical professionals that they would not carry out the treatment once again. Alves, nevertheless, declares that his choice isn’ t completely inspired by vanity. He has actually likewise started to create his own sports jackets and hopes that the operation will assist his profession — presuming, naturally, that he is the only individual who designs his styles. The 33-year-old had actually at first intended on having 6 ribs eliminated, however even physicians confessed that this was an action too far, so they concurred and jeopardized to eliminate 4. The elimination of 6 ribs might have possibly left Alves lungs exposed in his ribcage. He is included listed below describing why he is never ever going to stop getting cosmetic surgery:

“ I am rather blocky around the waist location, ” he stated. When I have that timeless slim figure, “ I like my wise sports jackets and fitted t-shirts and they will match me much better. It’ s going to make my waist small so I can use sophisticated good sports jackets. ” “ I have actually had pals that have actually done itin the past– it ’ s not a basic treatment however it can be done. ” On Friday of recently, as he boarded his flight to LAX, he stated, “ The ribs are coming OUT. ” He went on to expose that his ribs would not be making their method into a bin of medical waste. Rather, the Human Ken Doll is going to ensure that they are properly looked after so that they can be utilized for future cosmetic treatments. “ Once they ’ ve been eliminated they ’ ll be sent to a cartilage bank, ” he included. Storing cartilage for future cosmetic treatments may sound as severe as whatever else in Alves ’ life, nevertheless, it ’ s really rather typical in the world of cosmetic surgery. Contributed cartilage is frequently utilized on professional athletes to assist fix sports injuries. To date, Alves has actually had 59 plastic surgeries and over 100 cosmetic treatments. In spite of putting so much effort into his look, the Human Ken Doll was left red-faced after missing out on out one essential attire information at this year ’ s Golden Globes event. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which sent out shockwaves throughout the show business, most of stars decided to use black to this year ’ s Golden Globes event as a mark of uniformity with those who had actually been sexually bugged. This was publicised in numerous significant media outlets, however Alves chose to use white to the event rather. Taking to Instagram after the occasion, Alves composed, “ I was the only one using white at the #goldenglobes then I understood later on that I forget to check out the gown code memo. ” Clearly, he had actually gotten a little too thrilled about getting a welcome to the distinguished event in the very first location. The Human Ken Doll was eager to repeat his shame to the Mail Online, stating, “ I really missed out on the memo and it was humiliating– the majority of individuals were really using black. I absolutely stood apart on the red carpet due to the reality. ” However, he made a point of including that he was completely assistance of the motion, “ I put on ’ t need to use black in order to support a cause. ” There is no doubt that Alves will fast to upgrade the world on his body as soon as he ’ s had his ribs eliminated.

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