VOTE: Are Olive Garden’s New Italian Pasta Nachos An Abomination To Nachos?

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We’ve become aware of nacho french fries and dessert nachos however this may cross an extremely spiritual line.

Olive Garden simply presented a brand-new menu product in the nick of time for the Super Bowl : packed pasta chips, AKA Italian pasta nachos. Delicious, yes, however rather questionable.

These homemade pasta chips made from cut sheets of lasagna are gently fried and smothered in Italian cheeses and a hearty meat sauce, then topped with cherry peppers and an Alfredo drizzle.

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It’s a drool-worthy meal, no doubt, however one that’s bound to make nacho perfectionists feel dramatically clashed.

Would you devourer Olive Garden’s Italian nachos, or is this the worst thing to take place to nachos because Nacho Libre!.?.!?

Cast your votes (listed below)!

Only one method to discover to the OG!

[Image through Olive Garden ]

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