Are Google’s search results hurting right-wing news?

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Google’s brand-new fact-checking effort has some conservatives weeping nasty.

When you look for a particular publication in Google, the website includes a module with extra info about the news outlet. This sidebar provides a quick summary of the publication and its history, a list of subjects typically covered, previous awards, and connect to short articles. For some publications, this module likewise consists of a “Reviewed Claims” area carried out by Google’s reality checkers. Here you’ll discover a list of contested claims, connect to the initial short article, the fact-checking agreement– was the declaration inaccurate, deceptive, or “combined”– and which third-party company performed the fact-checking.

Some sites, consisting of conservative blog site the Daily Caller, think Google’s fact-checking efforts are manipulated . It declares that Google is mostly targeting conservative websites with its “Reviewed Claims” area. Thinking about other elements such as the shooting of conservative workers such as James Damore, who just recently submitted a claim versus Google , some think that the search giant has a liberal program.

“A evaluation of mainstream outlets, along with other outlets connected with conservative and liberal audiences, reveals that just conservative websites include the extremely deceptive, subjective analysis,” the Daily Caller composes. “Several conservative-leaning outlets like TheDC are vetted,’ while similarly partisan websites like Vox, ThinkProgress, Slate, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, Vice and Mother Jones are spared.”