Everything you ever wanted to know about how your television works… in slow motion

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Ever questioned simply how your tv works?

YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys , appropriately called for their sluggish movement videos, describes the wonder of tv and reveals detailed how images appear on screens.

Instead of enjoying moving items on our screens, ends up we’re simply enjoying a lot of still images revealed to us truly, truly rapidly. After describing this idea, Slow Mo Guy Gav highlights an old tv to reveal the pixels revitalizing in action– in genuine time and after that exceptionally decreased.

Gav likewise describes how color appears on the screen, zooming into the subpixel (yes, that’s a thing) level to reveal the RGB patterns and how they are controlled.

He goes on to speak about the various methods TVs are backlit, offering us the totally detailed round-up of how tvs work that we constantly wished to know, however were too scared to ask.

We’ll never ever take a look at our TELEVISION the very same method once again.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2018/01/19/tv-works-slow-motion-/

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