A Reddit user employed the Tesla Summon feature to avoid having to step in a sizable puddle

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Tesla revealed its Tesla Model X SUV in 2015.
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To prevent a rather substantial puddle of rainwater, a Reddit user utilized a handy piece of Tesla innovation, the “Summon” function.

The video, published Thursday , reveals a Tesla Model X inching from a mildly-flooded parking area and after that opening its front door for the chauffeur.

The summon function definitely isn’t really brand-new — it was presented in an early 2016 software application upgrade — however it’s a circumstances of how Tesla’s self-driving software and hardware are being utilized in a practical way, though preventing puddles is barely a significant option to a pushing human issue.

Tesla motorists can trigger Summon on their phones, and although the automobile is technically self-driving at the time, the function is just suggested to move the car an optimum of 39 feet .

Tesla has far grander aspirations for both its self-governing driving and summon functions. As Tesla specified throughout the 2016 release of the function:

“Eventually, your Tesla will have the ability to drive anywhere throughout the nation to satisfy you, charging itself along the method. It will sync with your calendar to understand precisely when to get here.”

Also in 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that henceforth all Teslas would be developed with the cams and hardware essential to satisfy this totally self-driving dream. Tesla is still establishing the advanced software application required to permit these vehicles to really drive on their own — and possibly be summoned from afar.

For now, Telsa’s self-driving Autopilot software application still needs motorists to be totally engaged and all set to respond when at the wheel. Previously today, a Tesla Model S Sedan hit a firetruck on a Los Angeles highway. The chauffeur declares the Tesla was running in Autopilot — although police is still examining the accuracy of this claim (Either method, the motorist would be at fault, as the software application needs human intervention).

Tesla is not the only car manufacturer that has actually established summoning or auto-parking innovation. BMW has actually been establishing its own self-parking innovation, which needs holding down a button on the automobile’s essential fob.

Tesla’s summoning innovation was initially planned to assist vehicles both park in and leave from difficult situations. The avoidance of puddles is an intriguing application of a function that’s simply in its nascent phases.

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