The ‘Firefly’ crew is finally coming backin 3 novels

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The opportunities of restoring the cult preferred Firefly are slim-to-none even in TELEVISION’ s reboot-friendly age, however fans will quickly have a brand-new medium to even more check out the experiences of the Serenity team.

Titan Books revealed that it’ s releasing a series of books that will happen in the Firefly universe with the very first book showing up in the fall. 3 books are presently prepared– and will be thought about part of the main Firefly canon– with series developer Joss Whedon on board as a consulting editor.

The very first book, Firefly: Big Damn Hero by Nancy Holder, will show up in October 2018. Fans won’ t need to wait excessive longer after that for the other 2 books, which will be released March and October 2019 respectively.

“ thrilled to be bringing brand-new, main stories to fans of a program that has actually continued to grow in appeal throughout the years, discovering brand-new audiences in an extraordinary method, ” Titan Books commissioning editor Cat Camacho stated in a declaration to Entertainment Weekly .

The books will follow the team of the ship Serenity and its hijinks. Firefly: Big Damn Hero will discover Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion’ s character) caught by a group of Browncoats , the soldiers he battled with throughout the Unification War . The 2nd book, Firefly: The Magnificent Nine , is composed by James Lovegrove and takes the Serenity team to a desert moon after Jayne (Adam Baldwin) is called there by an ex. Firefly: Generations is composed by Tim Lebbon and leads the team to a famous ship that they can restore.

The 3 books revealed to this day use a wealth of various concepts and experiences for fans to check out long after they’ ve enjoyed Firefly ’ s one season (and subsequent film, Serenity ), ensuring that they sanctuary’ t seen Serenity ’ s last trip.

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