Donald Trump thinks not clapping for him is ‘treasonous’

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(CNN)President Donald Trump wasn’t– and, obviously, still isn’t really– delighted that Democrats in Congress didn’t stand to praise him in his State of the Union address recently.

“They resembled death and un-American. Un-American. Someone stated, ‘treasonous.’ I imply, Yeah, I think why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I suggest they definitely didn’t appear to like our nation that much.”
So, here we are. Once again.

    Fine. Incorrect. And missing out on the point in a significant method.

    The point? It’s this: Not standing throughout applause lines for the State of the Union isn’t really un-american or treasonous. Not even close.
    If it was, all the Republicans because chamber are un-american and treasonous also since when previous President Barack Obama would promote his achievements in workplace– as Trump was doing last Tuesday night– lots and great deals of Republican lawmakers would rest on their hands while the Democratic side of the aisle emerged in cheers. And so on etc for each president prior to him (and after).
    Then there is that the particular “treasonous” circumstances Trump was describing related to his promoting of traditionally low African-American joblessness– a little bit of a cherry-picked reality based off of a single month’s financial report . By the time the brand-new report for January came out last Friday, black joblessness had actually ticked up practically a point and was not near a historical low.
    Treason is Benedict Arnold. (Side bar: Read Nathaniel Philbrick’s “Valiant Ambition” about Arnold and George Washington.) When the President of the United States believes you should, treason isn’t really declining to praise.
    Like with lots of things Trump tweets or states, there’s a natural propensity to simply shrug it off. To do that, nevertheless, is to miss out on something essential– and worrying– at work here.
    What Trump is stating is that dissent– which is exactly what Democrats are doing when they pick not to clap for a line in his speech– is un-american and/or traitorous. That if these non-clappers actually liked the nation, they would be praising when he promoted how low black joblessness had actually dipped under his period.
    If you believe that’s absolutely OKAY, turn the script. Put a Democratic president in workplace. Since they didn’t praise for the reality that something close to universal health care has actually been attained, and have him or her chastise Republicans as treasonous. Would that be an affordable charge? Or is it possible that while Republicans concur that more individuals having medical insurance is a good idea, they essentially disagree with the method which it was executed?
    You do not need to envision it. Since that’s exactly what took place throughout numerous of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses. Other than that Obama never ever recommended those non-clapping Republicans didn’t like America.
    Even the idea of criminalizing dissent ought to send out a chill down the spinal column of anybody who counts themselves as a fan of democracy. The right to dissent– without worry of retribution– sits at the heart of exactly what distinguishes America from authoritarian nations worldwide.
    When you have a president drift the concept that not clapping at minutes when he thinks clapping is suitable sends out a really effective message to the nation about how we do (and must) handle those who disagree with us. Which opts for whether he was “joking” or not.
    It’s an extremely bad message– no matter whether you concur with Trump or not.

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