Awesome Time-Lapse Video Shows A Perfect Bubble Freezing In The Snow

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While the majority of attempt to withstand the extreme winter season cold by preventing it completely and remaining inside your home, others cannot wait to break out their cold-weather equipment and delight in a day of enjoyable in the snow.

Some individuals develop a snowman or make snow angels, while others look for far more special kinds of snowy home entertainment. Take Gloria Allwin, for instance, who chose to check out a theory about blowing bubbles in the dead of winter season. Allwin wished to see for how long it would take a completely formed bubble to freeze. The time-lapse video she recorded of the procedure is so amazing!

For those who wonder, the soapy bubble totally took shape! Enjoy it take place in the video listed below.

While this was an absolutely remarkable video, I believe I’ll wait on summertime to begin having fun with bubbles.

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