Emotional support hamster flushed down the toilet after Spirit Airlines wouldn’t let it fly

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Image: Getty Images

When Dexter the psychological assistance peacock was rejected entryway to a flight, he drove cross nation.

Pebbles the hamster wasn’t so fortunate. When Spirit Airlines didn’t let her board the airplane, her owner flushed her down the toilet after she states a Spirit Airlines worker recommended it.

21-year-old Belen Aldecosea aimed to bring her hamster on her flight from Baltimore to Miami Beach in November. She informed the Miami Herald that she called Spirit Airlines two times prior to her flight to make sure the psychological assistance animal — who included a medical professional’s note — might fly with her. The airline business, inning accordance with Aldecosea, informed her that it was great.

Aldecosea made it through the very first security checkpoint with no problems, however states she was ferreted out by another Spirit worker and informed that rodents weren’t enabled on their airplanes.

She aimed to lease a cars and truck, however it was late November and the height of the Thanksgiving rush, so there were no leasings offered. She thought about taking a Greyhound bus, however had to remain in Florida in time for a medical treatment.

Aldecosea states a Spirit staff member recommended either letting Pebbles go totally free outdoors or flushing the animal down the toilet. She informed the Miami Herald that she “didn’t have other choices” because she didn’t desire the hamster to suffer a sluggish death in the cold.

She chose to flush the hamster down the toilet.

“ She was frightened. I was terrified. It was scary aiming to put her in the toilet, ” Aldecosea informed the Herald. “ I was psychological. I was weeping. I sat there for a great 10 minutes weeping in the stall.”

Spirit Airlines rejects that any of its workers informed Aldecosea to eliminate her family pet. Derek Dombrowski, Spirit’s media relations supervisor, stated Aldecosea’s isn’t really totally real.

“After investigating this occurrence, we can state with confidence that at no point did any of our representatives recommend this visitor (or other for that matter) must flush or otherwise hurt an animal,” Dombrowski composed in an e-mail. “It is exceptionally frustrating to hear this visitor apparently chose to end her own animal’ s life.”

People, not surprisingly, are frightened with Pebbles’ unforeseen death. And they’re doubtful of whose variation of the story is.

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