Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Trump For Doing Worse Than Nothing To Stop Gun Violence

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Jimmy Kimmel pleaded with President Donald Trump to act on weapon control after Wednesday’ s mass shooting at a Florida high school .

His voice splitting with feeling, Kimmel called out Trump on Thursday night for providing platitudes rather of services.

“ You still sanctuary ’ t done anything, absolutely nothing, you ’ ve actually not done anything, ” Kimmel stated. “ Actually, you’ ve done even worse than absolutely nothing. ”

Kimmel then pacified Republicans ’ basic response to mass shootings, which is to blame psychological health concerns instead of weapons:

“ You prefer to state this is a psychological health problem however among your first serve as president, Mr. Trump, was to in fact roll back the guidelines that were created to keep guns from the hands of the psychologically ill. You did that. Your celebration voted to rescind the requireds on protection for psychological health. I concur, this is a psychological disease problem due to the fact that if you wear ’ t concur we require to do something about it, you ’ re certainly psychologically ill. ”

Kimmel likewise used acautioning

to NRA-backed legislators who choose not to assist stop weapon violence.

“ Somewhere along the line, these men forgot they work for us, not the NRA. United States, ” he stated. “ And this time, we ’ re not going to permit you to bow your head in prayer for 2 weeks till you get an all-clear and we carry on to the next thing. ”

Then, he prompted audiences to go to everytown.org , the site of a not-for-profit group that promotes for weapon control and assists citizens call legislators.

See his complete monologue in the clip above.

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