McDonald’s Is Taking The Cheeseburger Out Of The Happy Meal But Will It Help Kids Get Healthier??

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McDonald’s has actually been attempting to shed its Super Size Me Image for years now, and on Thursday the quick food giant revealed its most significant action.

The cheeseburger will now not be a menu alternative for the Happy Meal.

In addition, the part of french fries will be scaled down, the chocolate milk’s sugar material will be minimized, and a bottle of water will be included as a beverage choice.

Mickey D’s objective is to obtain the Happy Meal to 600 calories, with less than 10% each from hydrogenated fat and sugarcoated. Discover more on the business’s 2022 objectives HERE .

BTW, cheeseburger fans will still have the ability to make unique ask for the reward in their Happy Meal however that will be more like a secret menu type offer now.

The concern is, will these modifications assist result in much healthier kids? Let us understand exactly what YOU believe (listed below)!

[Image through McDonald’s/ Instagram / YouTube ]

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