What the hell did Han Solo do to the Millennium Falcon?

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Now that we’ve seen the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I have one burning concern: What the hell did Han Solo do to the Millennium Falcon ?

Star Wars is understood for its “utilized universe” visual, integrating futuristic innovation with an unpleasant, lived-in environment. That undoubtedly consists of the Millennium Falcon, which Luke referred to as a piece of scrap throughout A New Hope. The ship is covered in a layer of gunk, and some parts are essentially held together with area duct tape. In the Han Solo film, we fulfill the Falcon throughout her more youthful days, and it’s a quite mind-blowing experience.

We just see a few shots of the Falcon’s interior, consisting of Lando and his android buddy L3-37 in the cockpit (unprecedentedly tidy!), and exactly what seems among the passages. For contrast’s sake, here’s the passage in Solo:

Star Wars/YouTube

And here’s a shot revealing among the passages in A New Hope. You can compare the very same white panels and rows of dials on the walls.

Star Wars: A New Hope

In A New Hope, Han Solo is 29 years of ages. Solo happens when Han is in between the ages of 18 and 24, so we can approximate that he wins the Falcon from Lando Calrissian at some point in his early 20s. Which suggests that in the period of a couple of years, Han and Chewie turned the Falcon from a beautiful example of Corellian style into a garbage container filled with exposed wires and inexplicable discolorations.

In conclusion, Han Solo is even messier than we believed, and you need to never ever, under any situations, let him obtain your ship.

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