‘The Simpsons’ predictions have returned to the 2018 Winter Olympics

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If you wish to see the future maybe think about studying episodes of The Simpsons extremely thoroughly. In some way, in some method, the animated series constantly handles to forecast reality, simply as it did throughout the now-concluded 2018 Winter Olympics.

It occurred two times. The very first was when Team USA won the gold medal in curling , a not likely success that’s sure to be a motion picture one day. The 2nd occurred when a rogue squirrel ran onto the snowboarding slope and just directly left death.

References from 2 extremely different minutes in the program appearing throughout the exact same live occasion? How tho?! Let us evaluate.

After Team USA took the gold for curling on Saturday following a historical win versus Sweden, numerous Twitter users were struck with dj vu.

Why? Welp, an episode of The Simpsons had actually forecasted this precise recover in 2010, when Homer and the United States group beat — you thought it — Sweden.

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