Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Don Jr. From Cyberbullying Me

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A 14-year-old survivor of the current school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has actually pleaded with very first girl Melania Trump to stop her stepson Donald Trump Jr. from bullying her and her household online.

“ You state that your objective as very first girl is to stop cyber bullying, ” tweeted Lauren Hogg. “ Don ’ t you believe it would have been wise to have a convo with your stepson @DonaldJTrumpJr prior to he liked a post about an incorrect conspiracy theory which … put a target on my back?”

“ I ’ ve been getting all these dreadful messages from Nazis and white supremacists and I awakened today and kept in mind that Melania Trump’ s objective was to combat cyberbullying, ” Hogg informed Huffpost on Friday. “ That ’ s what ’ s taking place to me: cyberbullying. I believed she might do something about Donald Trump Jr.”

Earlier today, President Donald Trump ’ s oldest child “ liked ” 2 tweets promoting a conspiracy theory about Lauren ’ s 17-year-old bro, David Hogg, another shooting survivor. The cooked-up conspiracy declared he had actually been coached to speak up versus weapons by his previous FBI representative dad to “ cover ” for the company ’ s failure to avoid the shooting. The ploy was supported by the “ deep state media, ” declared among the posts.

The phony theories distributing about the Hoggs have actually led to death dangers versus the household , the brother or sisters ’ mommy, Rebecca Boldrick, informed The Washington Post.

A “ like ” by Donald Trump Jr. can have a significant impact due to the fact that he has 2.6 million fans.

Melania Trump pledged quickly prior to her hubby was chosen president that if she ended up being very first woman, among her essential objectives would be to fight online bullying. “ Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, particularly to teens and kids, ” she described in a speech in Philadelphia.

Lauren Hogg informed the very first girl in her tweet that the conspiracy theories are “ re-victimizing ” her household. “ I ’ m 14 I must never ever have actually needed to handle any of this … I believed it couldn ’ t become worse [] Since of your household, it has. ”

The Hogg brother or sisters are now handling an assault of social networks hate after a shooter eliminated 17 individuals at their school.

“ It ’ s incredible to me that these individuals are even stating this, ” David Hogg informed CNN. He called Donald Trump Jr. ’ s support for the conspiracies “ horrible . ”

The 17-year-old has actually ended up being a crucial target for conspiracy theories swirling around Parkland ’ s trainee activists. One conspiracy video that provided him as a paid “ crisis star ”– not a trainee– struck No. 1 on YouTube ’ s trending page prior to the business took it down previously today.

Melania Trump got captured in another Twitter storm last week after she motivated individuals to “ test the power of compassion ” on Random Acts of Kindness Day. “ It ’ s a chance to teach our kids the significance of looking after one another, ” she composed.

A substantial variety of actions advised her to motivate her hubby to be kind– or resign.

The very first girl had not yet reacted to Lauren Hogg ’ s tweets since Friday night.


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