Jennifer Lawrence Was ‘Sobbing’ At Amy Schumer’s ‘Very Sudden’ Wedding

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You didn’ t believe Amy Schumer would get married without her partner-in-crime Jennifer Lawerence , did you?

The “ Red Sparrow ” star was amongst 80 visitors present at the comic ’ s surprise wedding event on Tuesday. After just a few months of dating, Schumer wed chef Chris Fischer in an intimate event neglecting the ocean at a home in Malibu, California.

“ It was gorgeous, ” Lawrence informed Entertainment Tonight about the wedding event. “ It was extremely unexpected, however it was, I was sobbing the entire his swears were spectacular. It ’ s when 2 individuals truly enjoy each other and they truly imply it, it reveals, and it was a remarkable time and a stunning event. I couldn ’ t be better for them. ”

Amy Schumer Instagram

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence imagined together.

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Amy Schumer Instagram

Amy Schumer and hubby Chris Fischer.

Amy Schumer Instagram

Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Lawrence and Cassie David present together at the event.

“ Notice my t-shirt was inadvertently reversed the entire time, ” Lawrence included about her clothing, which she formerly used for an occasion in 2015. “ In every wedding event picture all my buttons were reversed. It appears like I resembled, ‘ Oh, you believed this was going to have to do with you? ’ ”

Guests likewise supposedly consisted of popular types like Jake Gyllenhaal, Larry David, Jennifer Aniston and David Spade.

Lawerence and Schumer ’ s relationship removed in 2015 when they were spotted on trip jet snowboarding together like it was no huge offer then wowed the crowd at a Billy Joel performance by dancing on the Piano Man ’ s, well, piano. The 2 are likewise apparently dealing with a script together, which has them playing sis .

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Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence speak onstage throughout the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

However, the bonds of relationship just presume, as Lawrence exposed there was something she wasn

’ t down for at the event.

“ A couple individuals wished to decrease and stroll on the beach and I waslike, ‘ No. I put on ’ t get the beach. I simply put on ’ t care, ’ ” she stated.

Schumer and Fischer were reported to be going back in early November, however kept things under covers up until making their love authorities at Ellen DeGeneres ’ star-studded 60th birthday celebration.

Lawrence, on the other hand, just recently divided with her “ mom! ” director Darren Aronofsky after over a year of dating.

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