College Student Flushes Hamster Down Toilet After Claiming A Spirit Airlines Employee Told Her To!

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Yeaaaaah, we’re not exactly sure we’re purchasing this.

A 21-year-old trainee, called Belen Aldecosea , is making headings today as she’s pursuing Spirit Airlines for advising her to flush her family pet hamster down a toilet. Inning accordance with the Florida local, she called the airline company a couple times to make sure that her dwarf hamster Pebbles might join her on a flight from Baltimore to South Florida.

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Apparently, when Belen got to the airport, Spirit chose not to let the little fluff ball board the flight. Here’s where Aldecosea’s story takes a crazzzzy turn. Apparently, an airline company agent recommended that she flush Pebbles down a toilet. WHAT ???

Understandably, Spirit rejects that a staff member made this idea to Belen. Regardless, the university student protects that she struggled over the tip for hours and decided to flush her animal as she needed to get the home of handle a medical problem. Belen informed the Miami Herald:

“She was frightened. I was frightened. It was terrible attempting to put her in the toilet. I was psychological. I was weeping. I sat there for an excellent 10 minutes weeping in the stall.”

Okay, for beginners, we have little compassion for this female as she decided to flush her hamster. We HIGHLY question an airline company would recommend this type of ruthlessness to an animal.

The 20-something is now thinking about taking legal action against Spirit for the supposed part they played in her hamster’s death. Unlike the psychological assistance peacock that was turned away by United Airlines , legal representative Adam Goodman protects that Pebbles didn’t “position a threat to other guests.”

Although the rodent was signed up as a psychological assistance animal, Spirit can decline Pebbles’ admittance on to the flight over security and health issues. Oh, and Belen is still the idiot who flushed her hamster down a toilet.

Spirit representative Derek Dombrowski confesses a worker misleaded Belen about her hamster’s travel rights, however emphatically rejected the flushing idea. He kept in mind:

“To be clear, at no point did any of our representatives recommend this visitor (or other for that matter) ought to flush or otherwise hurt an animal.”

This straight opposes Aldecosea’s claim, which defined that a staff member recommended Pebbles be launched outside or flushed down a toilet. After aiming to schedule a rental vehicle, to no obtain, Belen states she decided to flush the animal as it was a “more gentle” option. Was it though????

What do YOU believe? Are you purchasing her sob story??

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