This Parkland Shooting Survivor Will Not Return To School At All

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Students went back to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday for the very first time because the February 14 shooting.

But Samantha Fuentes was not one of them.

The senior was shot in the thigh and hit in the face and legs by shrapnel from fellow trainees as they were shot; she hurt her face when she struck the ground.

Now she states she will not be returning to the school due to the fact that for her “there’s no such thing as typical any longer.” Rather she’ll complete out her credits with online courses.

But it isn’t really fear that’s keeping her away it’s a brand-new function. She informed CNN :

“As I’m recuperating and taking my online courses, that’s when I ‘d like to take the opportunity to take a trip, and talk to big audiences, spread my message, speak with legislators, go to rallies, be all over I have to be so that individuals can hear me plainly.”

Her bravery is so motivating!

Samantha is campaigning for higher school security procedures, raising the minimum age for weapon purchase, more powerful background checks, and an attack weapons restriction all which honestly appears like good sense to us.

We want her all the very best as she continues her education of legislators that is!

BTW, have a look at gurl’s fab interview from recently where she speaks about not discovering Donald Trump remarkable or compassionate (listed below)!


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