Star Wars has time travel now — but it’s not as big a deal as you think

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The entryway to a time-traveling Jedi temple.
Image: lucasfilm/Disney XD

As we saw with the really singing minority of Star Wars fans who got upset about The Last Jedi, bringing brand-new functions of the Force to the screen can be rather questionable.

Now we’re experiencing a brand-new freakout over Force powers. The TELEVISION program Star Wars Rebels, set in between Episode III and Episode IV, simply exposed for the very first time in the legend’s main story that the Force can let you take a trip in time.

But there ready reasons fans need to hold their blaster fire on this one.

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker utilized a hitherto hidden ability, Force forecast, to send out a picture of himself throughout the galaxy and conserve the Resistance. “That’s not how the Force works,” sobbed some fans — till director Rian Johnson dropped the mic by showcasing the book from which this power was drawn .

In Rebels‘ newest episode, “A World Between Worlds,” apprentice Jedi Ezra Bridger finds the entryway to an ancient Jedi temple on his house world of Lothal. He opens a strange door through a moving mural, and discovers himself in a large netherworld of websites and paths.

“It is a path in between all area and time,” states the Imperial minister who has actually been excavating the temple. And after that, more ominously: “whoever manages it manages deep space.”

As Ezra strolls through the spooky area, he hears whispers of individuals from the past and future of the whole Star Wars legend: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Yoda, Kylo Ren.

Finally he reaches a portal revealing a scene from the ending of a previous Rebels season: previous Jedi apprentice and Rebellion leader Ahsoka Tano dueling her previous master Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader. He likewise sees himself as a more youthful male, verifying that this is undoubtedly the fight he saw in the past.

And then Ezra crosses the limit, pulling Ahsoka from the battle and into the netherworld to conserve her from Vader.

Here’s the minute itself — however if you have 5 minutes it’s worth viewing the complete scene here .

And there we have it. The very first circumstances of time travel in all of Star Wars recorded home entertainment — and an action too far, whined some old-school fans on Twitter. One movie site recommended J.J. Abrams may utilize time travel in Episode IX to “repair” the “issues” of The Last Jedi — and possibly even bring Luke Skywalker back from the tomb.

But is this truly a betrayal of the fundamental concept of Star Wars? Will Force-wielding locals of the galaxy far, far all of a sudden begin zipping around time and area through websites like they’re in some mashup of Stargate and Doctor Who!. ?.!?

The responses are no, and likely not. Let’s go into the reasons.

Almost nobody can time take a trip

After impulsively conserving Ahsoka, Ezra goes to a couple other websites. In one, he sees his master Kanan nobly compromising himself a number of episodes into the past; Ahsoka encourages him not to tinker the timeline by reversing that needed sacrifice.

In the other, he sees Emperor Palpatine, voiced by Iain McDiarmid. As even one of the most fundamental Star Wars fan understands, the Emperor is the most absolutely wicked and among the most effective Force users in the galaxy, a Sith Lord who pulled a decades-long con on the whole Jedi order.

And significantly, even the Emperor can not go into the world in between worlds. He requires Ezra’s assistance to do so (and most importantly, he understands Ezra’s name), although he can send his Force lightning through the website in an effort to reel Ezra in.

Why was Ezra able to access the temple? Why is he understood to the Emperor? That’s a concern that might well be addressed in the series ending of Rebels turning up next week. In the meantime, the time-traveling temple inexplicably disappeared at the end of “World Between Worlds,” recommending even Ezra will not have the ability to utilize this capability once again.

This becomes part of a larger secret

According to the splendidly scary moving mural on its outdoors, the temple appears to have actually been constructed by a mystical, squabbling household of all-powerful Force users from the world Mortis — understood just as the Father, the Daughter, and the Son.

This trio was presented by George Lucas himself throughout the Clone Wars series, in combination with showrunner Dave Filoni (who likewise runs Rebels). They existed to check whether Anakin Skywalker was the real “picked one,” and provided the young Jedi a vision of his dreadful future as Vader (which was then cleaned from his mind).

We’ve not seen the Mortis trio considering that, and their origin stays unusual. The future vision plainly showed they had some kind of power over time, so the netherworld is at least rather constant with previous Star Wars canon.

In short, maybe this isn’t really a lot about the time travel. We need to see it more as the Star Wars writers’ guarantee that they have not ignored these weirdest of the odd fringe of Force-using characters.

This is not truly the very first time

We’ve seen Force users take a trip in time prior to, albeit not on the screen.

In the pre-2014 series of Star Wars books now referred to as Legends, the characters Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker have the ability to utilize an uncommon power called “circulation walking” to see (however not modification) the future and the past. In the 2006 unique Bloodlines, Jacen returns to see his grandpa Anakin Skywalker being trained by the Jedi order.

Granted, these books are not part of the main Star Wars legend (as you can distinguish that those kids do not exist in the films; they’re successfully integrated into Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren.) Lucasfilm has actually made it clear that Star Wars authors are totally free to select and select components from the huge Legends archive to recycle going forward — so we might see circulation strolling on the screen yet.

What we saw inside the temple appears to be more proactive than circulation walking, thinking about Ezra really altered the past by conserving Ahsoka. Still, it’s not as if time taking a trip ability is totally unprecedented in Star Wars’ long history. There is precedent, simply as there was with Luke’s Force forecast.

Rey’s Force vision in The Force Awakens and her journey into the underground collapse The Last Jedi both have time travel elements. In the previous, she sees quick snatches of long-distance past and future; in the latter, a string of variations of herself seconds in the past and future. Luke’s vision on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back — of his buddies being tortured in Cloud City — might likewise have actually been a look of the future.

In short, Star Wars wants to get timey-wimey with it — however just in quick glances. As much as it breaks brand-new ground, the time travel of Rebels is likewise very restricted and carefully utilized. There’s absolutely nothing here to recommend a time-traveling retcon in Episode IX.

The Force as we understand it is still with us — however it likewise has a continuous capability to surprise.

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