Chevy Chase Reportedly Road Rages Out On 22-Year-Old, Gets Kicked For His Trouble!

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He’s Chevy Chase , and you’re not escaping.


He then approached the chauffeur to “speak with him about his careless driving” prior to getting turned the bird by a traveler. Chevy states it was just then he stated:

“If I were a lot more youthful I ‘d bust your nose.”

At which point the motorist went out and kicked him. Buuuut the chauffeur, 22-year-old Michael Landrio , states it decreased a little in a different way.

He informed Page Six Chevy swerved all over the roadway and followed them the whole length of the bridge prior to obstructing their cars and truck to obtain them to stopped.

He states Chevy came at him screaming:

“You understand who the fuck I am?”


“I am going to destroy your lives!”

According to Landrio’s account, when he was informed “Fuck you,” the funny legend pulled open the door to assault him, and he supported tossing out in self-defense prior to locking his door up until.

We’re no investigators, however the truth Chevy got begun the shoulder provides a bit more credence to Landrio’s story. Unless the UPS motorist is likewise a black belt or something.

Landrio was accuseded of 2nd degree harassment with physical contact over the event. Chevy got a much harsher penalty he was informed the chauffeur had no concept who he was, after the cops informed him:

“I looked him up on Google and I still didn’t understand who he was. He didn’t appear like he looked when he made his films.”

That’s even worse than a kick for some individuals!

What do YOU believe??

[Image through RW/ Media Punch ]

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