Couple Adopts Pet Pig From Animal Shelter Only To Kill And Eat Her

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Staff at an animal shelter in Canada are shocked after a regional household embraced a potbellied pig as a family pet, then butchered and consumed her weeks later on.

“ First response I’d say was shock. Heartbreak, ” British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals staff member Leon Davis informed the CBC. “ You understand, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get connected to.”

Davis had actually assisted bring Molly, a Vietnamese potbellied pig, back to health after she and lots of other pigs wound up in the care of the company after a ruthlessness examination and subsequent rescue operation. In mid-January, a Vancouver Island couple embraced Molly from a regional BC SPCA branch, the Global News reported.

Shelter employees thought they were sending out Molly to a terrific house. Weeks later on, a regional female saw reports on social media suggesting the couple had actually butchered and consumed Molly, obviously since they discovered training a family pet and keeping pig to be more work than they might deal with.

The BC SPCA called regional police, who verified that the household had actually certainly butchered and taken in Molly , BC SPCA spokesperson Lorie Chortyk informed People. Since law enforcement identified the massacre was done humanely, there’ s not much action the BC SPCA can take.

“ The truth is, it’ s not prohibited to eliminate your very own animal in Canada, ” she informed People. (In the United States, animal ruthlessness laws differ from one state to another, however in lots of states, it’ s likewise legal for individuals to eliminate and consume their own animals — consisting of pets and felines.)

The adopters had actually signed an agreement stating they would not utilize the pig for food, however Davis informed the CBC that breaching the agreement was not a crime. They will be blacklisted from embracing any other animals from BC SPCA in the future.

He kept in mind that the shelter would have gladly taken Molly back into its care if the couple had actually returned her, instead of consuming her.

Brandy Mckee, who at first signaled the BC SPCA about exactly what took place, informed HuffPost Canada that a good friend had actually even provided to get Molly from the couple ’ s house and bring her someplace safe.

Though potbellied pigs are smart and can make terrific buddies, taking care of them is a huge dedication. The Pig Placement Network keeps in mind that the pigs can live in between 12 and 15 years and generally weigh in between 80 and 160 pounds. They likewise require a lot of area (consisting of outside area), a “ pig-proofed ” house and specialized veterinarian care.

While potbellied pigs are often described as “ mini pigs ”– given that they are smaller sized than domestic farm pigs– put on ’ t succumb to rip-offs promoting small “ teacup pigs ” that seem just a few pounds. So-called teacup pigs are just so little since they are piglets . They ultimately turn into full-size potbellied pigs unless they are purposefully starved to keep them smaller sized.

In some cases, even young farm hogs are passed off as teacup pigs or potbellied pigs– like Esther the marvel pig , whose owners embraced a “ mini pig ” just to end up with a family pet weighing 500 pounds.


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