There’s A Tree In Philly That’s Been To The Moon And Back (Well, Sort Of)

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Back in 1971, NASA astronaut Stuart Roosa set out on the Apollo 14 objective, turning into one of the 24 individuals to take a trip to the Moon. On the journey, he brought along 500 tree seeds as a favor to the United States Forest Service.

The firm, for which Roosa had actually formerly functioned as a firemen, had actually questioned how remaining in area would impact tree seeds– particularly, whether they ‘d have the ability to sprout back in the world. The Apollo 14 objective emerged as the ideal chance to check it out, so they capitalized and requested for Roosa’s aid. He was more than pleased to take part in their experiment, bringing seeds from 5 various kinds of trees into orbit with him. Numerous would later on turn into “Moon trees.”

After the objective, almost all of the seeds sprouted back at the Forest Service stations in Mississippi and California. The majority of the seedlings were then sent out to state forestry companies to be planted as part of the 1976 Bicentennial event, however some made their method to the White House, Brazil, Switzerland, and the Emperor of Japan.

NASA and the Forest Service planted the very first Moon tree in Philadelphia’s Washington Square in 1975.

Unfortunately, the sycamore didn’t endure long and passed away in 2011.

But a brand-new seedling cloned from the dead tree’s clippings was planted in its location not long after, effectively becoming the tree that stands there today.

This and a number of other Moon trees can still be gone to around the U.S. Pretty cool?

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