Do You Know What Your Teen is Sexting? Startling New Facts Parents Need to Know

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Between the sex-crazed culture we reside in and the simple ease of access of mobile phones today, it most likely comes as not a surprise that sexting is on the increase.

But brand-new research study released today clarifies precisely just how much together with the practices of sexters, and the outcomes are rather stunning.

Parents might believe they understand their teenagers, however it’ s not likely that a person in 3 thinks their daughter or son might be associated with such outrageous habits.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics , 15 percent of teenagers are sending out sexts, while 27 percent are getting them. The findings were apparently accomplished through 39 research studies including 110,380 individuals worldwide, with the typical age being 15. Areas assessed consisted of the United States, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands, to name a few.

JAMA specifies sexting as “ the sharing of raunchy images, videos, or messages through electronic methods.”


One of the very first research studies carried out on teenager sexting was carried out in 2009 prior to making use of mobile phones was so prevalent. In stunning contrast to the 2018 findings, just 4 percent and 15 percent of youth in between ages 12 and 17 reported sending out and getting sexts, respectively.

The head scientist for the research study, Sheri Madigan , discussed simply how important it is for moms and dads to be in the understand about the occurrence of this habits:

“ This is a pushing issue for a lot of moms and dads, along with teachers, who are browsing discussions around sexual habits and digital health and citizenship with teenagers. We understood teenagers were sexting, however we didn’ t understand the number of. Getting a precise sense of how frequently sexting is taking place is valuable for moms and dads, healthcare experts, teachers, and so on, who are needing to speak to kids about this habits.”


A crucial pattern scientists kept in mind is that over the last 8 years, sexting has actually ended up being progressively popular with older teenagers and prevails amongst both young boys and women.

Unsurprisingly, individual gadgets like iPhones are the main interaction channel utilized.

“ We weren ’ t shocked by the findings due to the fact that the expedition of sexuality is a typical part of teenage years, ” stated Madigan. “ Smartphone ownership amongst teenagers is near universal. The truth that those 2 worlds are clashing did not shock us. ”


But exactly what was rather disconcerting is the variety of teenagers sending out raunchy images without approval. A minimum of 12 percent of teenagers are guilty of forwarding them without the approval of those included, and practically 8.5 percent have actually had their sexts passed along without any approval.

While more research studies are required, scientists think these findings might be the introducing pad for personal privacy legislation in regard to sexting. As it’ s been connected to issues like bullying and decreasing mental health, it is a location of research study that moms and dads must definitely be worried about checking out.

As a tip to moms and dads, Madigan states , “ be proactive, not reactive, about sexting, and digital citizenship and health more broadly ” and “ have open discussions early and typically, not simply when issues surface area.”


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