What Does The Bible Say About Divorce?

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Love, it’ s astunning thing, isn ’ t it? We each understand love, in some type from the minute we enter this world. Whether it’ s the love of a mom or dad, a guardian or complete stranger, we were each developed by God with an inherent desire to be and enjoy enjoyed.

Of course, when sin entered into the world, so did the hurt and discomfort that breaks caring hearts.

God is love, and He’ s the factor we have the ability to enjoy. In our humanness and on this earth, the Bible states we WILL experience discomfort, and distress and confusion and anger. And most of the times, love will be the main source of that suffering.

Take divorce. Inning accordance with the CDC , 41 percent of very first marital relationships end in divorce. And Y’ all, that number is DOWN from even simply 8 years earlier in 2010 when the United States divorce rate was more than 50 percent of the yearly marital relationship rate.

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What’ s even worse is that the Christian divorce rate doesn’ t vary much from that of culture.


The Bible informs us a lot about exactly what to anticipate, and ways to deal with trials in this life. Jesus himself strolled this earth and spoke really clear guidelines on exactly what is exemplary and great.

So, exactly what does the Bible state about divorce?

Well, a lot in fact.

For beginners, divorce is NOT a brand-new thing. With the development of innovation and temptation, numerous have the tendency to believe that divorce is something that more current generations have actually relied on in their desire to leave the trials of this world.

The truth is that, due to the fact that sin exists in this world, male has constantly had a method to leave their situation– divorce being among them.

Examples of Divorce in The Bible

When you discover yourself asking, exactly what does the Bible state about divorce, possibly you’ ll appearance to Mary and Joseph.

“ This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah happened: His mom Mary was promised to be wed to Joseph, however prior to they came together, she was discovered to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Due to the fact that Joseph her other half was devoted to the law, but did not wish to expose her to public disgrace, he wanted to divorce her silently. ”( Matthew 1:18 -19)

Scandalous isn’ t it? Joseph wasn’ t even wed to Mary, and he currently had strategies to divorce her.

The Bible yaps about divorce due to the fact that much like today, divorce occurred a lot. In the Old Testament, The Law, as explained in Deuteronomy 24:1, states that it was relatively simple for a male to divorce his spouse. As long as he felt she was upseting to him or there was something indecent about her, he would compose her a divorce certificate and send her from his home. A female, nevertheless, might not start divorce in any kind.

Obviously today it’ s a bit various than that– or a minimum of, we make it out to be. In 2018, we call it “ falling out of love, ” and ladies have more rights.

But when you take a look at the huge image, divorce today is a lot like divorce countless years back as it is composed in the Bible. Historically, divorce is 2 individuals separating for self-centered, human factors.

Commandments of Marriage and Consequences of Divorce

In order to comprehend exactly what the Bible states about divorce, we need to initially comprehend exactly what it states about marital relationship.

Matthew 19:6 is a record of Jesus speaking extremely plainly to this stating, “ So they are not 2, however one flesh. Exactly what God has actually signed up with together, let no one different. ” We see this very same command on marital relationship and divorce in Mark 10:9 .

We see that marital relationship in between a female and a guy is to show Christ’ s enjoy for the Church. Paul information this relationship thoroughly in Ephesians.

“ Wives, send to your very own partners, regarding the Lord. For the spouse is the head of the partner even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church sends to Christ, so likewise partners ought to send in whatever to their spouses. Hubbies, enjoy your spouses, as Christ enjoyed the church and provided himself up for her, that he may sanctify her, having actually cleaned her by the cleaning of water with the word, so that he may provide the church to himself in elegance, without area or wrinkle or any such thing, that she may be holy and without acne. ” ( Ephesians 5:22 -27 )


Marriage is spiritual.It ’ s pure, it ’ s Holy, and itwas divinely developed by God and for God. It ’ s no concern as to whether or not God is a fan of divorce.


( Spoiler alert: He’ s not.)


Mark prices estimate Jesus stating, “ whoever separates his spouse and marries another dedicates infidelity versus her. ” ( Mark 10:11 )

This is Jesus blatantly calling out sin for exactly what it is– sin. In the Old Testament, we saw how quickly a male might end up being unhappy by his other half and kick her to the curb. As the law is composed, partners had no authority in divorce, and a separated female was a castaway from society.

With this declaration in both Matthew and Mark, that separating a female and weding another is infidelity, Jesus puts spouses on an equivalent playing field with their hubbies, where they formerly were thought to be inferior.

He blasts the chauvinism of the old guideline of law and guys who had actually when positioned blame on ladies for infidelity and divorce.

The Character of Divorce

The Bible yaps about the effects of divorce, however a lot more so about the CHARACTER of divorce and those who participate.

“ The male who dislikes and separates his partner, ” states the Lord, the God of Israel, “ does violence to the one he need to secure, ” states the Lord Almighty. “ So be on your guard, and do not betray. ” ( Malachi 2:16 )

God HATES divorce since to separate exactly what He has actually divinely combined as one flesh, is to trigger damage to His production.

The very first organization of God, marital relationship was developed as a long-lasting union. God developed male, Adam, and stated that it was bad for him to be alone. From Adam, God produced lady, Eve, a buddy to male however more notably, He developed the sanctification of marital relationship.

You see, marital relationship became part of God’ s PERFECT style for humanity. Bible states it was produced and sanctified prior to sin got in the world. The character of divorce is one that defies actually whatever that God planned for His individuals.

Does God Allow Divorce?

“ Marriage must be honored by all, and the marital relationship bed kept pure, for God will evaluate the adulterer and all the sexually unethical. ” ( Hebrews 13:4 )

We see here in Hebrews a command of marital relationship– for both females and males to honor it and keep it pure. Regretfully, divorce is typically an outcome of infidelity. Paradoxically enough, that’ s likewise the only situation where the Lord allows divorce– if one celebration devotes infidelity.


Jesus states that anybody who separates his better half, other than for sexual immorality, and weds another female devotes infidelity. ( Matthew 19:9 )

Know that this is just an exception, not an idea. Divorce is not mandated under the scenario of infidelity and it’ s not even urged, for all have actually sinned and disappoint the magnificence of God ( Romans 3:23 ). God shows his own love for us in that, while we were still sinners, Christ passed away on the cross for us ( Romans 5:8 ).

God dislikes divorce. This exception, as I see it, is a reflection of God’ s character in a world torn apart by sin. Due to the fact that we are valuable to Him, the Lord safeguards us. I envision this exception is as basic as that. Jesus enjoys us, and He comprehends betrayal much better than anybody. It makes sense that he would not need us to stay married to an individual who has actually betrayed us.

Still, we are to live like Christ. And if there’ s something that can be eliminated from that command, it’ s that Christ forgives.

Ultimately, we are contacted us to be individuals who enjoy and understand Christ and like and understand one another. As Christians, we understand exactly what the Bible states about marital relationship, which implies that we eventually understand the response to the concern: What does the Bible state about divorce.

Divorce is not the response, Jesus is. May we aim to honor marital relationship in the exact same methods we honor God and turn just to Him in our times of requirement and difficulty.

“ Love is client and kind; love does not boast or covet; it is not big-headed or disrespectful. It does not demand its own method; it is resentful or not irritable; it does not rejoice at misdeed, however rejoices with the fact. Love bears all things, thinks all things, hopes all things, withstands all things. Love never ever stops working. ”( 1 Corinthians 13:4 -7 )


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