South Carolina woman who gouged her eyes out thought it was a sacrifice to God

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Kaylee Muthart speaks up on her substance abuse and what led her to gouge her eyes out last month.(Facebook)

A South Carolina female who gouged her eyes out in public while in a drug-induced high stated she thought the drugs were bringing her closer to God.

Kaylee Muthart, 20, of Anderson, SC, opened to Cosmopolitan publication about how she went from a straight-A trainee sometimes drinking and cigarette smoking cannabis to having meth and euphoria regularly. When she smoked cannabis laced with a narcotic that she thinks might have been drug or meth, #peeee

She stated it all started last summer season. Following the occurrence, she left school and her task since she felt she was betrayed by the buddy who provided her the laced compound.

Soon after Muthart stated her relationship with her sweetheart of 2 years “ started to weaken ” and she smoked cannabis and took Xanax to cope. Their separation caused a bipolar condition and a psychological breakdown medical diagnosis.


Muthart stated she ultimately discovered a brand-new task however might not get rid of the ideas of how the laced cannabis made her feel. It was those sensations that made her choose to smoke meth last August.

She lost her task due to the fact that she was “ too ashamed ” to go to work after she chose at her face following her journey on the narcotic.

Eventually, Muthart turned to ecstasy.

“ While on euphoria, I studied the Bible, ” Muthart stated. “ I misinterpreted a great deal of it. I persuaded myself that meth would bring me even more detailed to God. ”

During Thanksgiving, her mom Katy Tompkins attempted to step in and even tape-recorded a phone discussion in betweenthe 2 of them to get a court order that would require her child into a rehabilitation.

However, Muthart purchased meth from her dealership.She remembered that she injected “ a bigger dosage [of meth] that I ’d ever utilized prior to.”

This was on Feb. 6, 2018. That day, while hallucinating from the big dosage, Muthart remembered that she believed “ somebody needed to compromise something crucial to the world, which individual was me. ”

“ I believed whatever would end quickly, and everybody would pass away, if I didn’t remove my eyes right away, ” she stated. ” I have no idea how I pertained to that conclusion, however I felt it was, without doubt, the right, reasonable thing to do instantly. ”


Muthart statedthe guy she had actually been sticking with, who she did not determine however stated had a scriptural name, was driving by and asked her a concern. She stated she felt that the encounter was her indication.

What occurred next has actually left Muthart entirely blind.

WARNING: Details listed below include graphic product

“ So I pressed my thumb, guideline, and middle finger into each eye. I grasped each eyeball, twisted, and pulled up until each eye popped out of the socket– it seemed like an enormous battle, the hardest thing I ever needed to do, ” she stated. “ Because I might not see, I have no idea if there was blood. I understand the drugs numbed the discomfort. I’m quite sure I would have attempted to claw right into my brain if a pastor had not heard me shouting, ‘ I wish to see the light! ’– which I do not remember stating– and limited me. ”

She continued : “ He later on stated, when he discovered me, that I was holding my eyeballs in my hands. I had actually crushed them, although they were in some way still connected to my head. ”

Across the street , horrified worshipers from the South Main Chapel andMercy Center viewed on.

Muthart stated that throughout the event her mom was taking a trip to the court house to obtain her dedicated to the rehab center however “ she was far too late. ”

Following her surgical treatment to conserve her optic nerves, Muthart stated she “ understood ” she was blind and experienced bad headaches. She stated she declined effective pain relievers regardless of her discomfort as well as asked visitors to explain how she looked now that she might not see.

Since then, Muthart has actually been tidy. She has actually been adjusting to her brand-new way of life and hoped to return to school for marine biology. She likewise prepares to go to 90 Narcotics Anonymous conferences and intends to raise sufficient cash on GoFundMe for a seeing-eye canine.

Despite the circumstance, Muthart stated she is “ better now than she was prior to all this occurred. ”

“ I ‘d rather be blind than based on drugs , ” she stated. “ It took losing my sight to obtain me back on the ideal course , however from the bottom of my heart, I’m so grateful I’m here. ”

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