‘I Told You We’d Come For You’ Rose McGowan Sends Harvey Weinstein Chilling Birthday Message

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Women are fed up.

Women are ill of being dealt with like trash at work, on the street, and often even in their own houses. From unwanted sexual advances to rape, mistreatment of and violence versus females is a worldwide, systemic problem. The World Health Organization has a whole group of individuals working to analyze violence versus ladies and women on an international scale.

Rose McGowan has actually been at the helm of the motion versus profession sexual criminal Harvey Weinstein who lastly got the fall from grace he’s should have for so long.

In honor of the beast’s birthday, Rose chose to send him a message.

“I informed you we ‘d be coming,” she stated in the cooling video. “I informed you 20 years ago if I became aware of you doing this to anther woman or a female, we would come for you. I would come for you.”

Watch the video listed below to hear her message and discover more about the legal element of the case versus Harvey Weinstein.

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