Cantina Talk: Thought You Saw All of The Last Jedi? You Didn’t

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Well, Solo: A Star Wars Story has a poster now and J.J. Abrams is made with the script for Star Wars: Episode IX, which is set to start shooting in July, so things are absolutely moving on in the galaxy far, far. The 18-month space in between those 2 releases is the longest in between Star Wars motion pictures because the series returned in 2015. Does that indicate the franchise is going to be taking a break (possibly at the Star Wars hotel )? Keep reading and you inform us.

Thought You Saw All of The Last Jedi!.?.!? Think Again

The Source: Official Disney statement

Probability of Accuracy: It doesn’ t get anymore authorities or precise than this.

The Takeaway: Details on the house release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi are out, and, well, it seems like something every fan of the film would desire, with 2 documentaries, 3 scene breakdowns, 14 deleted scenes, and commentary through the entire thing from writer/director Rian Johnson . More information can be discovered here , however the house editions– in several formats, since of course– will be launched March 27, 2 weeks after the digital release March 13.

The Best Sound Effects in the Galaxy

The Source: Skywalker Sound personnel, by means of ABC News

Probability of Accuracy: It’ s a remarkable appearance behind the scenes, however there’ s constantly the possibility they were lying the whole time …

The Takeaway: An unforeseen take a look at the making of the current Star Wars motion picture came recently when ABC News– owned, like Star Wars studio Lucasfilm, by the Walt Disney Company– debuted the online documentary brief The Force of Sound, which revealed the procedure of developing the sound impacts for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You might never ever take a look at BB-8 the exact same method once again, never ever mind the vulptices of Crait. Which, when you state it like that, truly appears like it’ s an old sci-fi unique waiting to occur. Hey, who’ s got the book license for the vulptex, anyhow?

Here Comes the Solo

The Source: Disney Publishing, by means of Entertainment Weekly

Probability of Accuracy: No one would attempt deal unreliable details about media tie-ins in this day and age.

The Takeaway: After months of questioning where all the tie-in books and comics for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story were, Disney revealed an entire host of them previously this month , consisting of Last Shot, a book that occurs previously, throughout, and after the initial trilogy, along with Lando: Double or Nothing, a five-issue comics fixating Donald Glover’ s more youthful version of the character. There’ s likewise going to be young person and young reader books, with much of the latter focusing on Chewbacca, rather splendidly. Best of the lot? Most likely Choose Your Destiny: A Han and Chewie Adventure, which actually is the choose-your-own-adventure-style book you’ re hoping it is.

Jabba the What?

The Source: Solo director Ron Howard and Entertainment Weekly

Probability of Accuracy: The fundamental info is probably 100 percent precise. We can make no guesses as to whether or not the character will turn out to be “ extremely cool, ”.

The Takeaway: We &#x 27; re not precisely sure how this occurred, however in some way the news that director Jon Favreau is voicing a character in Solo ended up being a thing online recently– in big part, it appears, due to the fact that an unclear tweet from director Ron Howard led individuals to think that he would, in truth, be voicing Jabba the Hutt. Obviously, cumulative fandom just has one reading of the expression “ crucial &extremely cool. ” Either that, or they frantically want Happy Hogan would get slimy and fat in his aging. Once again, both things might be real, of course.

Could the Resistance Be the Future Of Star Wars!.?.!?

The Source: Fan speculation

Probability of Accuracy: At this point, there’ s little to in fact be precise …

The Takeaway: The Yakface fansite just recently acknowledged that Lucasfilm has actually been submitting a great deal of hallmarks for something called “”Star Wars Resistance,” “consisting of for toys, clothes, publications, digital media, audio books, and more. It’ s unclear exactly what” “Resistance “really is at this point– although io9 recommends a brand-new TELEVISION program — however it’ s worth keeping in mind that the Resistance is, currently, the follower to the Rebellion. And we’ ve currently had an animated series called Star Wars Rebels. Could this brand-new version be some type of a follow-up set throughout the existing motion picture trilogy? Stay tuned, dear readers.

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