YouTuber Who Claimed Veganism And Faith Cured Her Cancer Dies Of Cancer

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A Youtuber who declared that faith, juicing, and veganism treated her cancer has actually passed away of cancer.

Mari Lopez ran YouTube channel Liz &&Mari with her niece Liz Johnson, where they discussed how Mari “was recovered from phase 4 cancer by God through faith”. In the videos, which have actually gotten numerous countless views, the 2 claim that Mari utilized “juicing, plasters, alkaline &&hydrogen water throughout her recovery procedure” after she was assisted to by God.

This assistance saw her go on a 90-day juice diet plan, which she stated eliminated swelling from her body, in spite of leaving her sensation “awful” and like she had the influenza. ” It’s over, it is made with, I am recovered. I feel it in my spirit and in my body,” she stated.

Sadly, Mari died in December after her breast cancer infect her liver, lungs, and blood.

Now her niece is declaring that Mari would have lived if she had not started consuming meat once again and microwaving food.

In a video entitled Stage 4 Cancer Natural Transformation , Mari informed her fans ” God informed me I needed to alter my diet plan.”

She explains how she was being bombarded with info about cancer, something cancer clients will be all too knowledgeable about. Her niece discusses in a brand-new video that Mari had actually currently been through chemotherapy as soon as, along with having a double mastectomy, and did not wish to do it once again, which led her to pick a raw vegan diet plan and juicing.

Towards completion of her life, nevertheless, Mari recognized that she was going to pass away of her breast cancer and asked her niece to eliminate the videos from YouTube, The Independent reports.

Instead, Liz has actually kept the videos up, even declaring in a brand-new one it was consuming meat once again and utilizing a microwave to heat food — things that Liz’s mama, who was taking care of Mari, did — that triggered problems in the cancer.

” [M] y mama would prepare her things utilizing the microwave […] I seem like that’ s exactly what triggered the concerns.” Liz informed Babe , insisting she waited these claims in spite of the absence of proof recommending any link.

Of course, altering to a healthy diet plan if you didn’t currently have one offers your body the very best sporting opportunity to combat a disease, however this need to be along with the suggested medical treatment, not rather of. And the threat in making these mistaken declarations on a platform like Youtube is that other individuals will hear claims like “I recuperated from cancer with this [juicing] device,” and do the same, leading to what might have been avoidable deaths.

Macmillan, the cancer support system, advises a well balanced diet plan for cancer clients , in addition to taking whatever treatment is suggested to you by a doctor. , if you are worried about your diet plan they recommend that nurses physicians doctors can refer you to medical professionals dietician..

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