Elon Musk Wanted to Buy The Onion, Now His Teams Hiring Its Staffers for a Secret Project

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Early in February, the satirical news publication The Onion released a story about Elon Musk, entitled , “Elon Musk Offering $1.2 Billion in Grants to Any Project That Promises to Make Him Feel Complete.”

But exactly what looked like a relatively basic joke about the vapidity of aspiration and wealth had an easter egg of reality.

Several previous leading staffers and authors of The Onion are now dealing with a secret task economically backed by Musk , The Daily Beast can validate.

Former Onion editorial director Cole Bolton and managing editor Ben Berkley left the publication in 2015 due to distinctions with the business'&#x 27; s management. Ever since, the 2 have actually remained in Los Angeles dealing with the Musk job, and they just recently poached 3 of the website’s authors and a long time editor to join them, sources verified.

“We can verify that we have actually found out absolutely nothing from dominating patterns in media and are introducing a new funny job,” Bolton and Berkley stated in a declaration to The Daily Beast. It’s uncertain, nevertheless, what specific task the group is developing.

Bolton and Berkley kept a lot of their previous associates and buddies in the dark, stated sources– numerous of whom hypothesized the job will likely be another composed satirical-news residential or commercial property or site. Several sources acquainted with the task highlighted that Musk would not have editorial oversight of the task, which he is not associated with its everyday operations.

Asked about his participation, Musk, in a saucy declaration to The Daily Beast, verified his interest in funny.

“It’s quite apparent that funny is the next frontier after electrical cars, area expedition, and brain-computer user interfaces,” Musk stated. “Don’t understand how anybody’s not seeing this.”

This isn’t really the very first time the cosmic-obsessed billionaire revealed interest in including satire to his portfolio.

Before Univision purchased The Onion and its sibling websites A.V. Club and Clickhole in 2016, Musk thought about purchasing The Onion in 2014, a source verified to The Daily Beast.

Though he learnt more about Bolton and Berkley, conversations never ever got far, another source stated, possibly due to the fact that Musk wasn’t thinking about the outlet’s home entertainment news website The A.V. Club.

Musk has actually likewise had individual relationships with Onion staffers for several years, sharing preferred stories on social networks, emailing authors and editors about jokes he delights in, and sometimes conjuring up the publication to troll critics.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, Musk mused about the nature of fact while thumbing through a copy of The Onion.

“In order to comprehend the vital reality of things,” he thought , “I believe you can discover it in The Onion and sometimes on Reddit.”

— With extra reporting by Noah Shachtman

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