Southwest ignored boy’s peanut allergy on flight, causing severe reaction, family claims

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A 9-year-old young boy had a serious response to peanuts after Southwest served them on&the flight, regardless of advance notification of the kid’s allergic reaction.(Courtesy: Chelsia Calvert)

A Texas household declares Southwest Airlines served peanuts on their flight, triggering a serious response in their 9-year-old kid, regardless of cautioning the airline company of his deadly allergic reaction beforehand.

Chelsia and Derrick Calvert were flying with their earliest child Christian from Atlanta back to their house in Houston Tuesday early morning when the occurrence happened, inning accordance with CPRC Click2Houston .


They state they alerted the airline company of Christian ’ s class 6 allergic reaction(the most extreme)to peanuts prior to their flight, both when they made the appointment and at the ticket counter prior to the flight.

“ We signed in and made certain they learnt about the peanut allergic reaction, ” stated Chelsia informed CPRC. “ It was likewise on his initial ticket. ”

But once they were on the flight, Chelsia stated, things deviated for the even worse.

“ She [an attendant] handed me some peanuts which’s when, as a mommy, I simply essentially broke down–‘exactly what do you suggest?’” Calvert stated. “ How numerous have been given out? ”

The peanut dust in the air was life threatening to Christian, so his mother needed to administer EpiPen.

Christian ’ s papa, Derrick, stated they still had about 45 minutes to precede the airplane landed and they weren ’ t sure exactly what was going to occur. (iStock)

“ And so with his throat closing up,&we’re deciding like,’OK, we need to do this since this is life or death, ‘” Chelsia stated.

Christian ’ s father, Derrick, stated they stillhad about 45 minutes to precede the airplane landed and they weren ’ t sure exactly what was going to take place.

Christian wound up being OKAY and his moms and dads are relieved, though they desire responses from the airline company, CPRC reports.

Southwest states on its site that: “ Southwest Airlines is not able to ensure an allergen-free or peanut-free flight. We have treatments in location to help our Customers with serious allergic reactions to peanut dust and will make every effort not to serve packaged peanuts on the airplane when our Customers signal us of their allergic reaction to peanut dust. ”

Southwest Airlines did not instantly react to Fox News’ ask for remark.

Michelle Gant is an author and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.

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